revealed the expected date of birth of the eldest daughter

While Kazzu dodges the constant questions about the birth of his daughter, Christian Nodal gave hints about the date by “inadvertently guessing”. It happened in the midst of a strong wave of emotions at the Allstate Arena in Chicago. the singer revolutionized everything with one sentence.

“This is my last show as a dad who next time I’ll perform again if I’m going to be a father.”– such words of the Mexican made his fans think, who are killed by curiosity to know when the couple will have their first child.


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The singer posed in huge shoes, and there were those who wondered if they could walk.

When will Christian Nodal and Kazzu have a baby?

According to Nodal, the concert, which he will give on September 2 in Chicago, will be the last before the arrival of his daughter. and assured that the next and his eldest daughter would be bornthe next performance date was the following day in Indianapolis, but it was revealed through Tikemaster that the show had been cancelled.

These two details led his followers to come to a single conclusion, which remains speculation to this day: he was probably born on the same Sunday, 3 September.

Unlike Nodal, Kazzu was more closed about having her first child., especially when she became the target of ridicule due to her “long pregnancy”. So, in one of the many questions about the arrival of the being He did not hesitate to give a sharp answer.

“When he was born? Name the date,” was one of many questions on his social media. She said: “Every time he feels like it, I think… ??”.


  • Christian Nodal gave a clue to the birth of his child.
  • He assured that by the next concert he would already become a father.
  • And it was last September 3rd in Indianapolis, but it got cancelled.

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