Ricardo Salinas breaks with Ticketmaster

  • The businessman’s decision recalls the controversy against ticket master.

  • Not only Ricardo Salinas have publicly disagreed with Ticketmaster, but also artists like Taylor Swift.

  • Ricardo Salinas is one of the richest businessmen in Mexico, according to Forbes.

Ricardo Salinas broke relations with ticket master and this was evidenced when he promoted an event and warned that the tickets for it were no longer in the first option, but for sale through a Forum domain Total Play.

The events industry is so large that revenues in this segment are estimated to reach 71.49 billion dollars in 2023 and by 2024 report a increase in revenue of six percent.

“The event ticketing segment has benefited from the growth of the Internet and the increasing use of digital devices as it offers consumers a quick and convenient way to secure their event tickets. The segment continues to grow as consumers seek more efficient and convenient ways to purchase event tickets.” Statista by presenting the insights from the previous study, which he presented exclusively for his subscribers.

The worst promotion for Ticketmaster

Ricardo Salinas’ criticisms have been well-known and extensive against ticket masterThat is why when the businessman announced that he was breaking relations with the ticketing company so that the show Myst (musical) will go from being offered in this firm to Forum Total Playwrote a new chapter in this tense and well-known relationship.

“For all the people who want to go to MY Sound Trackwe are changing ticket company, I hope to see you in Myst My SoundTrack one of these weekends”, explained the Mexican billionaire in Twitter (@RicardoBSalinas).

After announcing the change, comments to your post multiplied, denouncing the service offered ticket master, as did Alma León, who warned of terrible service on this platform, assuring that she wanted to contact them since ten in the morning and after seven hours making the attempt, she did not receive a response. Other users such as Fernando Lara recalled incidents such as the occasion on which ticket master of selling fake tickets and others such as Mr. Gato advised Salinas to set up his own ticket company to compete in the sector and eliminate that monopoly, since he considered that they are useless.

“I imagine that it is a consequence of the last scandals of duplicity of tickets carried out by ticket master”, concluded users like R.

Like the criticisms launched by Ricardo Salinas, even announcing that an event broke relations with the Ticketmaster company, in the United States the criticisms against the ticket company are not minor, in fact they have become an antecedent to escalate the Congress of that country appearance of the firm to clarify irregularities such as the shortage of tickets as soon as the website opens for sale.

This was accentuated when Taylor Swift He launched criticism for the handling that the company had at the start of his tour called The Eras Tour.

“It is really difficult for me to trust an external entity with these relationships and loyalties, and it is excruciating for me to see how mistakes happen without any recourse,” he said at the time. swift in your account instagram.

The case became a precedent for how important venues have become, as a meeting point for audiences, as well as for events, as a trigger to generate this pedestrian traffic.

An element that we cannot underestimate in these cases is the importance that the market acquires in terms of consumption and how there are elements through which it is possible to transcend bad incidents, which were possibly the ones that led to Ricardo Salinas to migrate your concept.

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