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Teachers from all over the world are usually the first role models for children and many times they even manage to inspire them for their futures, as has happened with several singers, who have been part of a list produced by the official grammy sitein which the most emotional words of various celebrities for their teachers are collected.

According to the aforementioned medium, there are many internationally famous artists who chose music thanks to those school teachers who motivated them to pursue music or who gave them other advice related to success in life itself, both at personal as professional, which served them and a lot.

If you want to know some of those singers who built their successful careers thanks to a few words or set of attitudes from their teachers when they were children, stay reading this note, because we will give you a short list of them.



In 2019, Rihanna traveled to the Cricket World Cup in England to meet Roddy Estwick, who was her physical education teacher in Barbados and who was an assistant for the West Indies team at the time.

“He really offered good advice to me and many others when we were at school in Combermere. I just wanted to let everyone know what it meant to me in my development and what it did for us at school in Barbados. My mentor, my champion, my MVP”were some of the words he gave in different interviews.


At one of her 2021 concerts, the British singer received a question to find out who had been one of her main inspirations and she talked about Miss McDonald, her English teacher.

“She really got me into English literature. I’ve always been obsessed with English and obviously I write lyrics now.”said Adele, to then see how that teacher entered to surprise her on stage.

Katy Perry

The American singer was also inspired by one of her teachers when she was a child. This is Agatha Danoff, who even supported the artist when she had no money to pay for her classes.

“There was a teacher named Agatha Danoff who was my singing and music teacher at the Western Academy of Music. She was very elegant. I owe her a lot and I am grateful that she took care of me when she did not have enough money to pay ”he commented in 2014.

Jay Z

Renee Rosenblum-Lowden is the name of a sixth grade teacher who greatly influenced Jay Z to be very interested in words, language and thus can build the lyrics of his current songs.

“I had a sixth grade teacher, her name was Mrs. Lowden and I loved the class so much…how to read the dictionary and just my love of words”acknowledged the famous musician.

Billy Joel

Having played a piece on the piano as just a kid, Billy Joel got some great advice from Chuck Arnold, his music appreciation teacher. He told her that he should pursue it professionally.

“He told me that I should be a professional musician. Now for a teacher to say that is like condemning someone to a life of poverty, drug use, alcoholism and failure.”he commented.

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