Rihanna: the most anticipated return


After his iconic performance at the Super Bowl, Rihanna surprises his fans again with a historic show in his career. The queen of ‘pop’ revealed that she will return to the world of music in another acclaimed event in the United States.

Just like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Madonna did, Rihanna dazzled the public of the sporting event. The half-time ‘show’ in which the artist starred was unmissable and caused thousands of reactions in cyberspace, in fact, many users reflected their excitement in funny memes that insinuated that the main show was her concert and not her match soccer.

Surely you wanted to see more about the one born in Barbados and that’s why we bring you good news. The future mother of two will be appearing on March 12 at the most important award ceremony for the world of cinema, the Oscars.

Not even Meryl Streep could with so much emotion. The music diva returns to the stage with her pregnant wife and shines brighter than a diamond. The event will not only be a new chance to take the microphone for A$AP Rocky’s girlfriend, it will also be in the audience, as is nominated for the song “Lift me up”, a melody that is part of the soundtrack of “Black Panther: Wakanda forever”.

The creator of the emblematic song of the umbrellas made her debut with this ‘hit’ as a film collaborator. The rhythm generated for the Marvel film fascinated the jury and could get him one of the most important statuettes in the cinematographic universe.

We can’t wait to see Rihanna perform during the award ceremony. The singer, who was immersed in her first child and in the controversial rumors that indicated that she had been betrayed with her partner, could be preparing new material to be released in 2023.

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