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As it has become a custom, all the members of the Kardashian clan usually celebrate the birthday of any member of the family using social networks, demonstrating it in Rob Kardashian’s name day, since, the sisters of this personality used the accounts they have on Instagram to greet him with tender messages.

The group of public figures did not keep their feelings and made publications accompanied by photographs to celebrate the life of Rob Kardashian. Rob’s 36 years did not go unnoticed by his familywho remembered it on the internet in front of millions of people.

Rob’s 36

Greetings to Rob came from Kim, Kourtney and Khloé, with the former being the one who shared a series of photos to celebrate the birthday his brother’s. “Happy birthday Roberto. I love you so so so so much!!! I wish I could post your singing voice notes here to show the world your true talents, but swipe to the last to hear Robbie speak fake Armenian. You make our whole family’s days with your silly messages! I’m not sure what I would do without you!”she said.

While the most emotional has been Khloé, who wrote a lengthy message to highlight Rob. “I couldn’t be more blessed or excited to have a lifetime with you! You truly are one of the most loving, hysterical, gentle and majestic human beings I have ever met. Being your sister is an absolute privilege. I will always protect you, my beautiful and brave brother. happy birthday kinghe said between the greeting.

For your part. Kourtney Kardashian uploaded an image with her brother to greet him and joke a little about the outfits they wore when they were children. “Icons of the 80’s”she wrote in the description of the photograph, which detailed that she was wearing pink pants and a white shirtwhile Rob sported an all jean suit with a unique hairdo.

Mother’s Love

Likewise, Kris Jenner also greeted her son with a message of recognition for him, assuring that he was an incredible person. “You are the best father in the world! You are so amazing and fabulous with Dream! You make sure all their needs and wants are constantly taken care of and you do it with such joy, passion, consistency and love.”wrote.

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