Robert De Niro will make his first American series for Netflix

Apparently the people of Netflix was very impressed with the proposal of the producers Eric Newman and Noah Oppenheim: a thriller in series format called Zero Daywith robert deniro in the leading role. The platform gave them the go-ahead and production has just started, which will be directed by Lesli Linka Glatter.

The famous actor will also be the executive producer.

Robert De Niro at the world premiere of “Amsterdam” in September 2022 in New York. Photo: Reuters


Zero DayAccording to its official synopsis, “it asks the question on everyone’s mind: how do we find the truth in a world in crisis, one seemingly torn apart by forces beyond our control? And in an era rife with conspiracy theories and subterfugeHow many of those forces are the product of our own doing, perhaps even our own imagination?”

To solve this great existential enigma will be De Niro as the former president of the United States who is involved in dramatic political situations that will put his reputation at stake.

It will be his first leading role in an American television series. It should be remembered that the two-time Oscar winner, recognized for his numerous collaborations in Martin Scorsese’s films and for his iconic role in The Godfather 2, last year rolled Nothing in Buenos Aires, with the Argentines Cohn-Duprat, for Star+.

Robert de Niro in “The Godfather II.”

The six-part director is no stranger to political thrillers, having worked for and been Emmy-nominated for Mad Men, Homeland, Twin Peaks and the walking deadas well as the upcoming Elizabeth Olsen series, Love & Death.

Netflix’s vice president of series, Peter Friedlander, in an official statement, said that Zero Day is “a cunning and moving conspiracy thriller that will keep audiences on the edge of their seat.”

He added: “What an honor it is to have a top-tier team, led by the iconic Robert De Niro and featuring all the talents of Eric Newman, Noah Oppenheim, Lesli Linka Glatter and Michael S. Schmidt.”

The creator of the series, Newman, also distributed a statement, which reads: “I’m a lifelong fan of Robert De Niro, and having him as a producing partner and star of the series is beyond my wildest dreams. And Lesli Linka Glatter directed a lot of my favorite episodes on TV, so she was our first choice for a director. I am very grateful to Netflix for their continued faith, support and enthusiasm.”

At the moment there is no confirmed release date, nor is it known when filming will begin.

De Niro in Buenos Aires

The latest works by Robert De Niro include the films Amsterdam by David O. Russell, and Savage Salvationwhere he plays a policeman who must stop an addict who seeks revenge.

But he also did the series Nothingdirected by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat and filmed in May 2022 in Buenos Aires, where he was named Guest of Honor.

Luis Brandoni and Robert De Niro characterized as their characters, in a scene filmed in Diagonal Norte Photos RS Photos

The protagonist of the series of the directors of official competition is the character he plays louis brandoni, a Buenos Aires culinary critic, named Manuel, an emblematic figure in the city, who had a great financial past, until a life of waste leaves him in a very difficult position to maintain. But he wishes to continue with that very well-to-do lifestyle.

For 40 years he has had a woman who has helped him with everything, a sort of housekeeper -the role played by María Rosa Fugazot-, but before her death he will have to hire a simpler girl (who will be the Paraguayan Majo Cabrera). The comedy is supposed to start from there.

“The series -Brandoni said- is a bit like the character that I am going to do. It is many and many things that, ultimately, it is nothing. A friend, who is an expert in gastronomy and who writes books, is going to come to Argentina to deliver the last book that my character is going to write”. De Niro is that of that foreign friend of Manuel’s, whose name is Vincent.

The premiere of the five episodes of the series -the duration of each episode would be around 45 minutes- will be in 2023 in Latin America through the Star+ streaming service, and in the rest of the world through other platforms -it could be Hulu in the United States United States- and in Europe, where the Star + service does not exist, it probably does for Disney +.


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