Roger Federer stars in the world’s most successful tourist ad!

After an incomparable tennis career, Roger Federer retired from top-level tennis last year, but continues as Official Ambassador of Switzerland Tourism (ST). It makes sense, because Roger Federer has been, is and will continue to be not only the best Swiss sportsman, but also the best ambassador for the country.

The clip premiered in April 2022 and has over 103 million views to date.

The most evident proof of this is the last two years, in which, together with ST, they have established new standards for national tourism advertising. In the ‘YouTube Ads Leaderboard’, presented in the framework of Cannes Lions 2022the movie ‘No one upstages the Grand Tour of Switzerland’ of ST, which promoted the ‘Great Tour of Switzerland’ with the two stars Roger Federer and Anne Hathawaytook second place, just behind samsung and in front of Omega, Amazon, Netflix or Apple. This made it the most successful tourist advertisement in the world. The clip premiered in April 2022 and has over 103 million views to date.

Roger Federer, tennis icon

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His co-star for the 2023 campaign will be Trevor Noahcomedian, best-selling author, producer, and philanthropist who, as Roger FedererHe is half Swiss and half South African. And the team behind the camera is also first class: the director of the film was Tom Hopper, Oscar winner for the film ‘The king’s speech’ in 2011. The film positions Switzerland as an attractive tourist destination and focuses on rail travel.

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