Romeo Santos and his bachata arrive today at the Movistar Arena

Romeo Santos returns to the Colombian stages after four years of absence, to make his fans sing his best hits with a “hurt cry”.

Classics such as “Obsesión”, “El malo”, “Mi corazoncito” and other hits that Romeo Santos had in the past, and his most current songs, such as “Bebo”, “Sus huellas” and “Solo conmigo”, will resonate in the Movistar Arena today and tomorrow as part of his “Formula Vol. 3” tour.

First, only one concert was announced, but seeing that all his tickets were sold, the “King of Bachata” opened a second presentation date in the Colombian capital in the same place.

The artist performed at the Pascual Guerrero Olympic stadium in Cali on Saturday, and there the public from Valle del Cauca received him with resounding sales success.

It is recalled that last November Romeo Santos published through his Twitter account what seemed to be a hint of a tour of Latin America. Said publication contained a video with the image of his recent album, “Formula Vol. 3 ″, and was accompanied by the following text:“ In which country do we start the tour? Answer me with your flag.”

That was the appetizer for a tour of Latin America that It began on February 10 in Peru at the National Stadium in Lima, where the fans gave him a good reception and sang songs like “Hilito”, “El beso que no le di”, “Mi corazoncito”, among other hits by the Dominican artist. -US.

In September of last year, the singer released his fifth album or “Fórmula Vol. 3”, which has songs like “El pañuelo”, with the participation of Rosalía; “Endless”, together with Justin Timberlake, or “I miss myself”, in collaboration with the Mexican artist Christian Nodal.

The “King of bachata” is a soloist, but he has also collaborated with Karol G, Chris Lebron, Luis Miguel del Amargue, El Lápiz Consciente, Toño Rosario, Rubby Pérez, Fernando Villalona and Ramón Orlando.

Romeo Santos is one of the most important artists in Latin music, being recognized by many as the greatest exponent of bachata, a genre that has all the flavor of the Caribbean. The same artist has been in charge of positioning his music at the top of the Billboard Latin charts and on charts in Europe. Since he announced his separation from the Aventura group, he has released five albums as a soloist: “Fórmula Vol. 1”, “Fórmula Vol. 2”, “Golden” and “Utopia” and recently, in 2022, he released “Fórmula Vol. 3”.

The artist stands out for his unmistakable voice and his spectacular lyrics, since in addition to being a performer, he is an excellent composer, a fact that exalts his career and ensures him a privileged place in the world of music.

Recently, the singer surprised with a preview of his new video, in which he delighted and generated debate among his followers with this material, which is part of the gifts that he will bring to his audience by 2023.

The video is of his new musical theme, “Solo conmigo”, which Santos shared on his social networks and has caused an impact and great controversy. Many have classified it as risqué due to sexually explicit content and whose lyrics in one part say that “I only have the last name of Santo”, reports “People”.

It is a 15-second clip in which he interprets the sixth song from the album “Formula Vol. 3” between the legs of a woman. It would be the most provocative publication that Santos has made, since he appears in the video in very hot sexual positions with a beautiful model

The truth is that Romeo earned the title of “King of Bachata” and his style has made his music break all records, accrediting him to always be on the throne.

Tonight, Romeo Santos and his entire team will be in charge of giving an unforgettable show in the Colombian capital.

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