Rosa Fuentes minimizes her ex-husband Paolo Hurtado after infidelity: “The captain of the ship was always me”

Paolo Hurtado was supported by the program Magaly TV, the firmmaintaining an affair with the model Jossmery Toledo and a few days after celebrating ten years of marriage with Rosa Fuentes. Given this, the still wife of the Little Horse did not remain silent and she spoke about what happened through her social networks.

angry about what happened

Through an extensive statement on his Instagram account, Rosa Fuentes He expressed all his anger against his ex-partner. “A day like today I felt the happiest and proudest woman in the world, and in the same way on a day like today I feel damaged, disappointed and heartbroken. In two days my life changed, my plans and life projects of almost fourteen years went to waste ”, she indicated at first.

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“To PH (Paolo Hurtado) I can only wish him luck and tell him that you can’t be so MISERABLE in life. Today, March 23, I am writing the last chapter of what was my story, a day like today it began and also ended”, added Rosa Fuente.

Minimization to Hurtado

But that was not all. The woman was also encouraged to make it clear who she had “the pants” in her marital relationship with Paolo Hurtado. “I feel ready to get up and continue, because in the end I will tell you that the captain of the ship was always me,” she said.

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“I want to thank each support message of everyone in general, of the users of the networks and of the public figures who referred to my case and especially to me, thank you for helping me sustain all this pain“, public Pink in your profile instagram.

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