Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro announce their engagement


Your commitment

The singer Rosalía receives an engagement ring from her boyfriend, Rauw Alejandro, at the end of the video for the song “Beso”, which they both composed and released yesterday as part of the joint EP “RЯ”, a scene with which the Spanish and the Puerto Rican revolutionized their followers in networks.

In the image, Rosalía is seen crying while showing a ring of white stones and saying “Oh, my God! And all the mascara here smeared! ”, After which she kisses the trap singer, who is recording the moment with his mobile.

In the presentation of the songs, “Kiss”, “Vampire” and “Promises”, Rauw had already announced “a little surprise in the videos” that accompanied them.

It is the first time that the performers, together for three years, have made an artistic couple. In a recent interview together with the “streamer” Ibai Llanos, they explained that they preferred to lay the foundations of this relationship before going into the studio together. “We didn’t want to mix the industry with the relationship,” Rosalía said.

“The men around me were ’emotionally unavailable’ (emotionally unavailable),” added the singer. “With you it was the first time I didn’t feel that. I felt that you were not afraid to love and be loved,” she told Rauw.


About John Wick

Keanu Reeves believes that if there is a contract killer who should be redeemed it is John Wick, his character in the eponymous film that premiered its fourth installment yesterday and that, he said, will lead the thug to “assume the consequences” of his decisions.

“He was trying to get out of that world and does he regret the decisions he made? Yeah, probably at some point. He was just a kid picked up on the street who was manipulated and forced and then he became who he is and I think he now has to come to terms with it,” said the Beirut-born actor.

Reeves first dove into the dark world of “John Wick” in 2014. The story, written by Derek Kolstald and directed by Chad Stahelski, portrayed the return to the world of crime of a retired hitman seeking revenge after the murder. at the hands of the Russian mafia of his beloved dog, the last gift of his late wife.


He releases his great album

With a commercial status closer and closer to other Spanish soloists such as Rosalía or Aitana, the Andalusian Ana Mena released her first great album yesterday, in which she is recognized as a “suffering diva” the result of influences ranging from Jeanette to Ariana Grande through the folkloric ones she covered as a child.

“This album is an attitude, a bit like a meme with which you laugh a little at yourself by taking things too intensely and romanticizing the drama”, explains the artist from Malaga before the release after a long waiting for “Bellodrama”.

To better understand the philosophy of “Bellodrama”, which qualifies as “the enjoyment of melancholy”, Mena published a varied list of Spotify under a profile called “La diva doliente” in which Luis Miguel, La Oreja de Van Gogh or “Heart of a poet” by Jeanette.


Prepare “Vertigo”

The actor Robert Downey Jr. is producing, together with Paramount, the new version of the film “Vertigo”, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, in which he could also be the protagonist. As reported by the specialized magazine Deadline, Paramount Pictures is developing the adaptation of the thriller that follows the story of a retired detective with a fear of heights who is assigned to investigate a woman who appears to be possessed by a spirit. no

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