Rosalia’s fans are spreading the solo version of “Beso”

They symbolized healthy, responsible and stable love. Rosalia and Rauv Alejandro have become one of the most beloved musical couples, but few things in this world last forever.

This Monday the news broke through the magazine People. The interpreters decided to break off their courtship and call off the engagement, but everything was polluted by a false rumor about possible infidelity on the part of Puerto Rico. Information that has already been denied by all parties involved. Rauv Alejandro was straightforward, Valeria Duque assured that it was all a lie, and Rosalia asked her fans not to pay attention to the “cinema”.

However, there some unknown which do not quite fit into the account of the facts. Shortly after Rau assured that the relationship ended “a few months ago,” netizens rushed to deny him, saving recent declarations of love. “Why then did Rosalia talk about the wedding in mid-June in El Hormiguero?

Some questions that, according to the singer Locker, because of “Obligations to You Fans”. “So they pretended to be a couple for promotion Saturn Beach?, they decided to shut up and hide it until the end Motomami Tour? This is a discussion that has brought down the nets in recent days.

Be that as it may, many fans are tense about the situation and, trying to protect Rosalia at all costs, promote her. solo version of the singer for Kiss, lead single from RR and the subject in which they said to each other.

More than 14,000 people “liked” this initiative.

It’s in the video Kiss -full of homemade images of the couple- in which Rauv and Rosalia they announced their engagement in the middle of March.

It was Rosalia who wanted to announce her engagement in the Beso video.

Rosalia herself decided to include this moment, captured in a video on December 31, 2021, the day of her engagement. Rau spoke about this in an interview with YouTuber Chenta Idrach a few months ago.

It was my friend’s idea. I needed an epic ending and Rosie said that I think we could release this video.”he explained about the clip progressing from handshakes to hugs and from hugs to kisses.

The singer accepted Rosalia’s proposal with some surprise. “‘Are you sure?”he asked her, and Rosalia agreed.

“The family already knew”, added about an announcement that didn’t take them by surprise. “Close relatives know this. They know it and support us. I think it took the outsiders by surprise, as well as some of my friends.”

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