ROYAL FAMILY | Mallorcan who took home the chair Philip VI was sitting in: ‘I just wanted to sit where the king sat’

Rose Alonso is Majorca within 36 years of being born in Sotoserrano, a municipality in the Sierra de Francia region in the province of Salamanca. He appears here not because of his origin, but because of stole a chair last Tuesday from San Jaime Vermuteria in Palma where he just ate Felipe VI.I wanted to sit on my ass where the king sat. Now I apologize for doing something I shouldn’t have done.”

Alonso intends totalk to the owner of the restaurant and return the chair, but the news stunned me. I want to pay or return it.” His desire in the medium term is that the furniture “can be auctioned off, and the money will go to a boarding school for children with Down syndrome.”

But the chair is not yours.

– It’s been stolen, that’s the problem. That’s why I regret what I did, which was never for money.

What was he up to when he took home a chair from a popular restaurant on Paseo Mallorca?

– The reason was personal. for the admiration and respect I have for the monarch and the royal family.

Mallorca thinks that the spread of the news contributes to its monarchist goals. “Once he comes out, I want everyone to know that this is a way to welcome the king and thank him for all the good things he has done. made for Mallorca and the Balearic Islands.”

-How does it occur to someone to assign a chair that he does not need?

I was tempted and I did it it wasn’t intentional.

For this on Tuesday at noon”I waited almost two hours for Felipe VI to get up from the table in a temperature of almost forty degrees. I arrived after filming La Primitiva at El Corte Inglés. While they were eating, he went from one place to another, cunningly so as not to attract the attention of those accompanying him. It helps me be blonde.”

The moment of truth was approaching. “I watch like a lynx until Our Majesty is gone So I took a chair like I was going to put it on another table, and when they weren’t looking, I carried it home and my heart was beating all the way.

-Can you tell in detail how the road went to your house, near the restaurant?

-It’s not that hard. I crossed the street and Riera, I keep walking, I’m a blonde, not suspicious.

The attached image, taken yesterday afternoon in the living room of the house where the king chair stands, shows Alonso moving the furniture into his house. She never imagined she would be involved in something like this.”because it’s stealing, and I’ve never stolen. Everything I found on the street, I handed it over to the police, the last time it was a wallet with a military cell phone in it.”

– You are lucky, you were personally pardoned by Queen Letizia, who on Thursday spoke with good humor about what happened during the reception of Marivent.

– I think it’s very good, and I’m proud of your reaction in these times when the Crown is not respected. Let’s see if thanks to this more Kings in Mallorca. And if your schedule allows, let them get to know my hometown of Sotoserrano too. Greetings to its mayor Miguel Angel.

A chair from the San Jaime restaurant impassively follows the scene from the center of the room, where items Alonso inherited from his father, an antiques dealer and wine grower, are displayed in abundance. “It cannot be compared to the mahogany stool in front of you, which is over five hundred years old.”. Requests to feel the king’s place abound, but even the giant black cat on guard doesn’t seem to be curled up on a four-legged fetish.

-Who has taken the chair since you were in your house?

– Until now, a plumber who came to the house and did not even believe, and his assistant, they also have the right to sit in the chair.

The Mallorcan denies that the removal of Felipe VI’s chair was a gesture of protest. “On the contrary, it is a way to thank Felipe VI at a time of abuse of the crown, division and politicians who reject the king’s invitation.”

– Let’s see if he gave people ideas so they can steal items from celebrities.

– They’ll steal Nicole Kidman’s glass, not this. This is a crazy thing that came to my mind at the time.

While exploring a diplomatic way out of conflict with the chair, Alonso insists on his fortitude. “I feel great, but because of the fear of paying a fine, no one likes to do it.” He inspected a piece of furniture for scratches from use, established collectors’ relationships with their most prized items. “The chair remains here for the moment. I insist that it is a great honor for me to sit where the king has put his ass.”

The future will decide, with Alonso joking with experts who suggest his intention was to sell a chair from a restaurant in Vallapope. “I don’t want money, I don’t need it.” Meanwhile, with sporting courage, he takes on the hype that has risen around him. “I am a humble person and deal with everyone, but I only care about the opinion of the people closest to me, others who think they want. I just have to wait three or four days for the storm to pass.”

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