SADERBC Signs Collaboration Agreement with Sonora to Improve Livestock Health in Both States

BAYAugust 16, 2023 – In order to establish institutional coordination in health matters between the states of Baja California and Sonora, V Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADERBC) signed an agreement on cooperation with a neighboring state.

Holder SADERBC, Juan Melendres Espinoza, instructed the head of the department of inspection, labor protection and safety, Luis Roberto Ayala Martinez, meet with the Undersecretary for Livestock of the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Water Resources, Fisheries and Aquaculture of Sonora (SAGARHPA), Jorge Luis Fimbres Castillo, in order to strengthen ties for the benefit of the commodity sector of both states.

At the same time, the foundations are laid for the formation and exchange of information on the movement of livestock, its products and animal by-products, as a strategy for their control and supervision, as well as the implementation of measures in the field of animal health, reducing the risks to the health of both subjects.

He said part of the agreements included establishing a framework for authorities to control and monitor livestock, products and by-products, as well as coordinating for real-time information on shipments destined for Baja California.

Likewise, a mutual obligation was made to report the introduction of cattle from their counterparty and vice versa; check and bathe cattle from the sister state with a tick killer, and implement a border surveillance program Baja California and Sonorato identify patients with tuberculosis and brucellosis in cattle.

At the end, Ayala Martinez He emphasized that this agreement will help strengthen sanitary ties with one of the most important states in terms of animal health in the republic, which will affect the herd’s health, production quality and product certification.

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