Salma Hayek’s stepdaughter completes the summer tropical print bikini trend.

We are on the last stretch of the road summer, but that doesn’t mean giving up on the best trends of the season, and this has been shown to us by many celebrities and influencers through their official networks, because in order to enjoy the last days of vacation, they lavished style like never before. While we may mention Loreto Peralta, Sarah Cohan or Angela Aguilar as the most glamorous, the list also includes Salma Hayek’s stepdaughter which is the most chic at 22.

Near Matilda Pino, WHO daughter businessman of the luxury brand conglomerate Fran├žois-Henri Pinault, who at the same time is very popular among Mexicans because he is husband of beloved actress Salma Hayek. Although both are not mother and daughter by blood, they have repeatedly bragged about how close they are, even the model and influencer herself has great complicity with Valentina Paloma, the eldest daughter of the protagonist of Frida.

In another fashion class, she wore a denim bikini with jeans. (Photo: IG @mathildepinault)

But her family isn’t the only thing that makes her shine, as the Veracruz native’s stepdaughter is a model in the fashion world, which is why on every catwalk of famous brands she attracts all eyes with her most chic looks. Of course, also not in the spotlight knows how to show himself and it was showcased this weekend in which he enjoyed the heat and the pool for which he shone with your favorite summer trend: the tropical print bikini.

From her bunk, Matilda Pino grabs everyone’s attention in a flirty tropical bikini.

Through my Instagram stories, Matilda Pinault He shared a photo of himself kneeling on a bunk applying sunscreen; however, it was his iconic two piece swimsuit with which the influencer joined the fever of “micro” designs that stand out for their short and revealing clothing. In his case, he showed that patterned designs are perfect for summer.

Would you steal a look? (Photo: IG @mathildepinault)

In the photo posted by the celebrity, you can see him in tropical print bikini with details like palm leaves, but unlike other trends of recent weeks, she opted for neutral colors that add an extra touch of elegance to the look. On the other hand, he kept the cut that will never go out of style in a triangle top; while for panties I wear a very thin waist to show a flat stomach and a thin waist.

It should be noted that this last attire is necessary for luxurious style and glamor in summer, Because with such thin straps at hip height, the legs achieve a kilometer effect that lengthens the entire figure, even without wearing heels. To complete my fashion professorship Matilda Pinault He chose a black cap, with which he wore a more relaxed and youthful look.

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