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The last encounter he had sam smith with a person out of his mind in the heart of New York has reminded us of a long list of artists (Taylor Swift, Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga…) who at one point or another in their careers have been accused of being satanic. Nothing like being successful to be said to have made a deal with the devil. And not metaphorically but literally speaking.

Taylor Swift, a satanic double priestess by Zeena Lavey

Perhaps one of the wildest theories was the one that linked Taylor Swift with Zeena Lavey as a satanic cult leader. The messages have been produced for the last decade and have survived to this day. Is the American soloist a clone of the leader of the Church of Satan?

The fact of having achieved success with his music starting from country and landing in pop only set the rumors on fire. zeena lavey She was the spokesperson and priestess of this sect from 1985 to 1990 and most surprising of all is the incredible physical resemblance to the singer.

As expected, YouTube is full of videos comparing the appearance of both women as well as analysis of Taylor’s video clips in which he finds occult and satanic symbols. “Also, to round things off, some believe that Kanye West and Swift’s showdown has nothing to do with their egos: it’s because Kim Kardashian’s husband is God-sent to fight the devilish Taylor. We assume that it is a theory that the rapper himself will have invented” published The country in his day.

Sam Smith, with Unholy in the service of Satan

Several members of the most conservative sectors of the United States and lovers of conspiracy theories launched serious accusations against both interpreters, accusing them of having performed a “satanic ritual” on stage.

The very same Republican senator Ted Cruz went so far as to retweet several tweets in which things like the show offered by these artists with Unholy incited minors to worship satan and that it was emetic. He even wrote himself that he seemed “evil” to him.

To add to the madness, theories linked him to the Queen of Pop who presented the performance. Madonna has been accused countless times of satanic worship due to their ‘run-ins’ with the Catholic Church.

Beyoncé, the illuminati, the masons and more…

Since Beyoncé revealed that her daughter along with Jay-Z was going to be called Blue Ivy, the conspiracy theorists went for the jugular. When both artists chose a beautiful and original name for their daughter like Blue Ivy (Blue Ivy), they had no idea the effect they were going to have on the feverish minds of the conspiracy theorists. It turns out that, according to the speculation of numerous Internet users, the baby’s name shows the satanic tendencies of her parents and her affiliation with the Illuminati, an alleged secret society as popular as the Templars among conspiracy theorists.

Thus, the “investigations” of these gentlemen lead to the alarming conclusion that Blue is an acronym for “Born Living Under Evil” (Born Living Under Evil) and Ivy would be for “Illuminati’s Very Youngest” (the youngest of the Illuminati) or “Illuminati’s Victorious Youth”. Other rumors suggest that the name written backwards, Eulb Yvi, means “daughter of Lucifer” in Latin, something that can be easily refuted by any student familiar with this tongue How are the heads…

Lady Gaga, the satanic ritual

TO Lady Gaga Accusations have rained down on him almost since the beginning of his career. His initial androgynous look, his defense of LGTBi values ​​and his success have sparked dozens of conspiracies around his figure. Since he performed a satanic ritual at the Intercontinental Hotel in London to hidden signs in his video clips.

A decade ago they said about her: “For us, imposing homosexuality is part of Satan’s pagan debauchery, at the service of demonism. Therefore, she must turn her back on this expansion and fight hard. Anyway…

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