SAN Alert of the Critical Situation of Kidney Patients in the Midst of a Health Crisis

Access to adequate medical treatment for kidney patients is a fundamental right that must not be violated and must be guaranteed.

Buenos Aires, September 4, 2023 – Argentine Society of Nephrology (SAN). pay attention once again to the vulnerable position of kidney patients in their tireless silent struggle, which neither society as a whole nor the authorities in particular notice. Under conditions of great hardship, those who suffer from this disease face significant and complex barriers that threaten their well-being and quality of life.

The health crisis that is currently affecting our country due to the difficult economic situation exposes the extreme vulnerability in which kidney patients find themselves whose delicate condition is aggravated. These patients depend on ongoing and costly treatment for quality of life and social reintegration; and imported medical supplies, which are becoming increasingly difficult to access.

It is important to understand that kidney health is a national and international issue for everyone. and that the kidney patient is vulnerable to any crisis or disaster caused by man or nature. Kidney health for everyone, preparing for the unexpected.

Unfortunately, chronic kidney disease (CKD) ranks fifth. The cause of death in the country, as in the developed world, is estimated to take first place by 2050. Similarly, mortality from CKD is higher than from various types of cancer: colon, stomach, pancreas and others.

It is critical to bring attention to this vulnerable and under-recognized population, and it is imperative that public policies take this situation into account and act accordingly, because the lives of kidney patients depend on it. Access to adequate health care is a fundamental right of every citizen, and everyone has a responsibility to ensure that this right is respected and guaranteed.


The Argentine Society of Nephrology (SAN) is one of the oldest medical societies in Argentina, founded in 1960 and currently led by Dr. Carlos Bonanno. It employs nephrologists from across the country and is dedicated to caring for kidney health through education, grants, research and advocacy. It is proposed to intensify activities related to improving kidney health in Argentina; be informative, efficient and reliable in order to effectively lead their mission; include and invite participation from the community and all actors involved in kidney health, such as professionals in nursing, nutrition, psychology and social work, among others.

SAN promotes and works for a future where all people have equal access to sustainable kidney health. It is currently divided into 12 regions, has 20 active working and research groups, and has more than 1,100 associates.


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