San Juan de la Costa: They acquire an ultrasound machine and a perimeter.

San Juan de la Costa: They acquire an ultrasound machine and a perimeter.

🔵Thanks to sectoral funds, these brigades make it possible to improve the quality of diagnostics in the commune’s municipal health care.

recently commune St. John of the Coast benefited from acquisition of two main pieces of equipmentthat thanks to industry funds in 2023 will improve the ability and quality of diagnosis of certain pathologies for the benefit of users(as) of municipal health this commune, person from CESFAM from the city fluff

This is about computerized perimeterwhose investments exceed 33 million pesos through Resolution programAnd universal ultrasound machinewhich exceeds USD 31 million due to Diagnostic Imaging Program. Both programs are managed Osorno Health Service (SSO), via Articulatory Help Network.

Bye the first equipment is mainly used for diagnosing and monitoring patients with glaucoma., among other ophthalmic care; the second one will also allow for increased local resolution, in this case for various ultrasound examinations and review of different stages of pregnancy, given that, among other things, the use of resources for the purchase of a stretcher and a TV has also been allowed.

San Juan de la Costa: They acquire an ultrasound machine and a perimeter.

Both acquisitions were noted by the director of the MTR, Rodrigo Alarconwho visited Poiacho (where he received Mayor Bernardo Candia), noting that

“Firstly, we would like to acknowledge the great efforts they are making, this commune is experiencing difficulties inherent in its territorial characteristics, and we have committed ourselves, in addition to the cooperation that we carry out, to the planning process to continue to bring health closer to communities so that they do not have to travel to receive benefits, mainly in the areas of diagnostics and primary care.”

The manager explained that

“The perimeter is a tool used in ophthalmology and allows diagnosis, it is patients who did not have to go to Osorno or wait, it is an examination that measures the safety of the visual field, which allows an accurate diagnosis in the commune without this, users will have to travel far; and the other is a general purpose ultrasound machine that allows the midwife in the medical center to perform an ultrasound scan with a very high degree of confidence, so pregnant women also do not have to leave the commune, and in addition, there is once a month a radiologist who closes the queue for ultrasound “.

For his part, he Mayor Bernardo Candia emphasized that

  1. “First, thank the Director of Health Services for his visit, because he allows us to have a complete picture of the territory and its complexities, thank him for supporting the actions that can be taken for the benefit of our community, because the Territories are different, and there are different complexities, and both the municipality and the Service must work together to ensure the health of our entire community, putting people at the center.

In this case, in addition to the heads of the SSO, including the deputy director for medical affairs, the Municipal Department of Health of the said commune also participated. Dr. Sandra Jimenez; administrative assistant director, Hector Alarcon; head of the articulation department of the Assistance Network, Denise Villalobos; and head of primary care, Victor Segel.

These initiatives aim to decentralize benefits. providing communities with greater local commitment, helping to address waiting list issues, and strengthening strategies promoted from outside single sign-on systemin partnership with municipalities and their health departments.

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