Saudi Pro League wants another star: Mohamed Salah

The Saudi Professional League continues to surprise the football world with its ambitious market moves. This time the target is one of the Premier League’s brightest stars: Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s Egyptian winger. According to Rudy Galetti, talks with the player and the club have already begun and talks could move quickly if Liverpool give the green light for his departure.

The Saudi Arabian Pro League has shown its determination to solidify itself with big names and the possible addition of Neymar has already made itself felt. Now all eyes are on Mohamed Salah, whose talent and track record make him a sought-after asset in the Saudi league.

Saudi Pro League wants another star: Mohamed Salah

Despite the rumours, it appears that Salah is not turning down the opportunity to play in Saudi Arabia but is leaving the decision up to Liverpool, the club where he has left an indelible mark over the past five years. According to Galetti, Al-Ittihad have started direct talks with Liverpool to sign Salah. Although the player would be willing to consider a replacement, his loyalty to the English club makes him not force his exit.

In this scenario, it becomes clear that the last word remains with Liverpool. Only if the scouser club gives their consent can talks move forward and open the door to a high-level transfer. This possible move is surrounded by uncertainty and Liverpool fans will be watching for any developments involving their favorite striker.

On the other hand, statements by journalist Ben Jacobs shed a clearer picture. Despite genuine Saudi interest, Mohamed Salah remains loyal to Liverpool. Jacobs stresses that Salah is seen as a more achievable target on the 2024 horizon, which could lead to a PIF-led transition in the next 12 months.

Saudi teams’ foray into celebrity hunting continues to draw the attention of the football world. The possibility of seeing Mohamed Salah wearing a Saudi Arabian shirt is an issue that will no doubt remain at the center of conversations and debates in the coming months.

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