Scarlett Johansson shows her facet as a businesswoman and looks completely different

Scarlett Johansson She is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, having starred in numerous films such as Black Widow, Lucy, Marriage Story, and Ella.

The famous has achieved a solid career, which seems to have given him a break to dedicate himself to his family, her husband Colin Just and their children Rose and Cosmo, whom she had in 2021.

However, he has not only dedicated himself to his family, but also to his company, and it is that last year it launched its brand for skin care, The Outset, and it has been a complete success.

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The famous has her Instagram account for the brand, and There she shows how active she is with her line and how well she is doing, and she even shares part of her life at home, without makeup, with simple looks.

Scarlett Johansson shows her facet as a businesswoman and looks very different

Scarlett Johansson posted a video on her brand’s Instagram account, and showed another of her facets, this time as a businesswoman, reaching one of the most famous stores where she sells The Outset products.

In the video you can see the famous with some baggy jeans, knitted sweater, and an oversized jacket, black boots, and hooded jacket cover.

Besides, she wore dark glasses, so she looked completely different, and without all the glamor that we are used to in Hollywood, but showing her more real side, now as a businesswoman.

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The actress wore her hair up, and she was unrecognizable, but she looked very happy and proud to visit Sephora, and see their products in the famous store where other celebrities like JLo, and Selena Gomez have sold their products.

Without a doubt, this is a new facet that Scarlett is proud of and is enjoying to the fullest, so although she has not left acting completely, or officially, Yes, he has put it aside, and is focused on his company and family.

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