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The third season of The White Lotus, produced by HBO, already has a destination. The location in which the production will be set will take its protagonists to Asia. It will be in an earthly paradise, faithful to the tradition that the series has been composing through its episodes: there, anywhere where luxury abounds, you can be.

The White Lotus is an anthology series in which each season explores the relationships and experiences of different characters who live in a luxury hotel for a week. Through the protagonists, the series recreates a kind of parody full of sarcasm and irony.

When guests begin to interact with each other and relate to hotel employees, the series recreates scenarios in which greed, selfishness, the fragility of interpersonal relationships, and the obsession with social networks, among others, are exposed. That way, The White Lotus stands as a social criticism moved by black humor.

Where does the third season of The White Lotus?

In accordance with Variety, the next season of The White Lotus will be set in Thailand. This will be the third location in which the HBO series will take place, after having passed through Hawaii (America) and Sicily (Europe). His arrival in the mentioned continent is perfectly adapted to the production; based on luxurious environments in which exotic landscapes abound, as if taken from dreams.

The White Lotus

However, his characters, those who are looking to live that dream in the tourist complexes white lotusThey usually end up finding the opposite. According to the aforementioned medium, each of the seasons of The White Lotus it was filmed in a franchise hotel four seasons. In Thailand, the firm has four offices distributed in Bangkok, chiang mai, koh samui and in golden triangle. It is expected that the recording of the series will take place in one of these.

The first season of The White Lotuswith six chapters, premiered on HBO on July 11, 2021. Its success allowed the development of the second, with seven episodes that began airing on October 30, 2022. Through these deliveries, Mike Whitethe creator, has dedicated himself to composing his own essay on contemporary society, from a critical perspective full of sarcasm.

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Some of the actors who have passed through The White Lotus are Murray Bartlett, Alexandra Daddario, Jennifer Coolidge, Jake Lacey, Connie Britton, Natasha Rothwell and Steve Zahn. The third season does not yet have a scheduled premiere date. It is estimated that it could arrive between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

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