Sebastian Yatra traveled to Mallorca to play against Rafael Nadal.

Sebastian Yatra He accepted an invitation from Rafael Nadal to plunge into the world of tennis and exchange a microphone for a racket. The singer turned to a professional tennis player for help to hone his moves. prepare for their future meeting at an exhibition at the US Open.

“I will frame this photo and tell my children that I won”, — wrote the singer next to the tape of photographs at the end of his sports match with the Spaniard Rafael Nadal. So the translator of “How to look at you” surprised his followers on Instagram.

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal invited Sebastián Yatra to Mallorca for a practice match ahead of his exhibition match against world number 1 tennis player Carlos Alcaraz Garfía during US Open Fan Week.

Nadal took the opportunity to give him some tips to get more power in his movements and racquet shots so he can achieve his own playing style and stand out on the court not only with his musical talent but also with his incredible game. .

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Rafael Nadal’s response to Sebastian Yatra’s post

Thanks to Sebastian Yatra’s humorous comment in which he showed his emotions and said that the marker will remain a fond memory for his children (on the day he has them), from the Raf Nadal Academy account, they responded without hesitation.

“We won’t reveal anything to anyone… Your childhood secret is well kept”they wrote on behalf of Sebastian Yatra in memory of the memorable meeting between the tennis player and the Colombian.

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