‘Secret Invasion’ and Marvel open a door they should have kept closed

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about the end of Secret Invasion.

Emilia Clarke as Gia at Marvel Studios.  SECRET INVASION, exclusive to Disney+.  Photo by Des Willy.  © 2023 MIRACLE.

Emilia Clarke as G’ia in Marvel Studios’ SECRET INVASION exclusive to Disney+. Photo by Des Willy. © 2023 MARVEL.

Marvel seems more lost than ever. Kevin Feige will have his own long-term plans to expand and merge, however the opening doors between series and movies won’t quite materialize. Not like in the previous stages, weaving the threads of the story that connected and built up to the great end Avengers: Endgame. And this feeling was confirmed by the end covert invasion with a discovery that, if we use logic, will change the entire MCU as we know it.

While the six-episode series helped us understand the many aspects of personality, pressure, and emotional charge that Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) kept hidden by revealing his intimate relationship with the Skrulls (alien refugees on Earth disguised as humans) and his broken promises to find them a new home, using them as “minions” at will, also created a new narrative that didn’t quite fit.

And Emilia Clarke plays in this story.. star Game of Thrones debuts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as G’ia, a Skrull daughter of Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), the original leader of the alien race and an ally of Fury. We first meet her in her rebellious side, rejecting her father’s message of peace and bonding with the evil Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir), the new Skrull leader who seeks to eradicate the human race and take over the planet. And so, over the course of five episodes, the series takes us through drama, revelations, and terrorist moments (with dark allegories about illegal immigration that we must discuss at length) that no doubt didn’t prepare us for the surprises it brought. Exodus.

Let’s get a look. The series shows that Nick Fury was operating behind the Avengers and after the Battle for Earth – the one that gives us goosebumps in endgame he sent a group of Skrulls to collect the blood of superheroes shed in battle. That isPatch Tactician has the super powerful DNA of Thor, Captain Marvel, Hulk, etc. All together in a small bottle. No one is supposed to know of his existence, not even the superheroes themselves, whose superhero essence Fury would have stolen without telling them (an act of betrayal that the series goes through without going as deep as it should). Only Fury and the Skrulls who were gathering where the young Gravik was before he became an ambitious terrorist leader. Whatever the case, Gravik wants the compound to become a “Super-Skrull” using a machine built for him.

Fury gives him the connection, and Gravik uses it, gaining superpowers from some MCU heroes and villains. What he didn’t know was that the Fury in front of him was Gia posing as an agent, and because he was inside the machine, he also absorbed the powers.

And so they clash in the final battle, where Gia emerges unscathed after manifesting the Hulk’s hand, Drax’s hand, and Mantis’ mind.… The chameleon blend that made me laugh more than anything. However, This is a problem for UCM that adds to the confusion we have with so many open plots, characters forgotten in the pipeline, and a “multiverse” direction we don’t know where they intend to take it..

And the fact is that if G’ia now has the abilities of every superhero who fought in end me So she’s the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Do they want to tell us that there is no opponent capable of stopping her? That all the superheroes next to him become obsolete and smaller?

If so, why don’t they present it in a movie event instead of the worst-received series in the universe? Because covert invasion not only did it fail to convince critics like the rest of the series, it also received a 59% disapproval from the public. rotten tomatoesfrom 6.3/10 inches IMDB and from 4.1 to Metacritic.

It is true that the series is responsible for charting Gia’s course by making a secret agreement with the powerful Sonia Falsworth (the only character to dazzle in this series thanks to the work of Olivia Colman), proclaiming herself responsible for bringing the world into order from the shadows. However, no matter how he works in secret, it’s hard for me to imagine that his powers and abilities won’t make their way into the world of superheroes. Or that we, the audience, have to believe the rest of the adventures of other characters, knowing that there is a heroine who can win everything.

Because we’re talking about a character who now has the powers of every Marvel superhero, including Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel, who supposedly sold us out as the most powerful of the group.

To be honest, I cannot help but accept this revelation with a grain of salt. Because if we now know that there is a heroine who can defeat and defeat them all, then what is the point in the rest of the stories, characters and missions? The worst thing about it all is that it’s a huge revelation that seems to have been as neglected as Talos’s death (I still can’t believe the humiliation they gave Ben Mendelsohn) and that makes us feel reluctant about it. . something that Marvel hasn’t made us feel since the beginning of Phase 1.

This article was written by Cine54 exclusively for Yahoo en Español.


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