Security attention on weekends and holidays in the capital

Weekend and public holiday Monday 21 Emergency and Disaster Medical Assistance System (SAMEC) 297 face-to-face services were terminated for a variety of reasons, including:

44 due to traffic accidents

11 for people with seizures

12 for patients with decompensated diabetes

16 for people with respiratory failure

50 for injuries and assaults

37 for domestic violence

3 for the wounded with a knife

In addition, from 7 am Saturday, 19th, to 7 am Tuesday, 22nd, 829 services were provided by phone.

mother child

From Friday 18th 8:00 pm to Tuesday 22nd 8:00 am, the Mother and Child Hospital reported the following news:

418 patients were treated under the supervision of adults, 75 of them were hospitalized. There were 133 obstetric stations, 168 gynecological and 78 medical outpatient clinics.

1134 patients were admitted to the pediatric security, 53 of them were hospitalized. Among the urgent reasons, 261 respiratory diseases, 68 various injuries, 71 gastroenteritis and 12 dog bites were recorded.

54 live births were born: 23 boys and 31 girls.

Miraculous Lord

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, the duty officer of the SeƱor del Milagro hospital treated 420 people over 15 years of age. Medical requirements mainly concerned cases of pharyngitis and bronchitis.

Arturo Onativia

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 48 emergency consultations were accepted at the hospital of Dr. Arturo Onativia, the main reasons for which were: diabetic decompensation, diabetic foot, chronic renal failure, hypertensive crisis.

Miguel Ragon

There were 31 people on duty at the psychiatric hospital of Dr. Miguel Ragone who, depending on the case, needed psychological or psychiatric help, or both.

st bernard

1,077 people were treated on call at the San Bernardo Hospital from 8:00 on Friday the 18th to 8:00 on Tuesday the 22nd.

Of the treated patients, 241 were hospitalized.

191 people were injured, 126 of them as a result of a traffic accident:

45 motorcyclists

61 passerby

12 motorists

8 cyclists

Also among the duty officers counted 67 patients referred from other medical institutions.

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