Selena Gomez dedicates a few words to Francia Raisa after several years of her kidney donation

Selena Gomez and France Raisa they would have put their conflict behind them. The singer sent a message to her friend, who saved her life with a kidney transplant in 2017 after suffering from lupus. This occurs after a controversy was generated by some statements by Selena in which she seemed to belittle France.

In an interview for “Dear Media”, the famous reiterated her gratitude to Raisa for selflessly giving her her organ when she needed it.

The voice of “A year without rain” recalled that after learning that she needed surgery, her then friend told her that she would definitely take the test to find out if she was a candidate.

“Within three days, he went to (get tested) and it was a match. I know I was so, so lucky,” she commented.

Photo: Via Instagram @selenagomez

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He also went on to say: “I will never, ever be more indebted to one person than to France. The thought of someone not even hesitating to donate was incredibly daunting.”

Although now it seems that they made peace, in reality, the “conflict” broke out a few months ago when Selena said in an interview with “Rolling Stone” that Taylor Swift was her only friend in the industry and had supported her with her mental health. .

This would have made Raisa uncomfortable, who reacted to a post from the magazine on Instagram showing Gomez’s quoted words. France commented “interesting” and later deleted it.

Although neither specifically clarified the situation, a few days later Selena broke her silence, commenting in a clip on TikTok: “Sorry, I didn’t mention everyone I know.”

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The response generated hundreds of criticisms in networks against the famous who was accused of being unfair, while others argued that the comment was actually taken out of context.

“I honestly feel like this was all blown out of proportion and Selena was referring to the music industry that France is not a part of,” said one follower, according to “Pagesix”.

“France saved his life! I should have at least recognized her in the documentary!” opined another.

Selena released “My Mind and Me”, a documentary in which she talked about her internal battles and illnesses. “PageSix” reported that fans noticed that Raisa unfollowed the actress on her social media after she failed to name her in the project.

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