Selena Gomez said enough and explained the harsh reason for her physical changes

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Selena Gomez Lately she found herself very participatory and defensive in her social networks. Right there, on his Twitter account, it was where he sided with Kylie Jenner although everyone indicated that in his stories about the eyebrows he was mocking the actress: “I agree, Kylie. It’s unnecessary. I’m a fan of Kylie! !”. Although the latest news about her is more personal and deals with her even than her own fans think of her.

It is that Justin Bieber’s ex-partner has had to see how in each public appearance they make fun of his physical appearance and decided to take action on the matter since it is not a change that she wanted but that its origin comes from a problem of personal health sufferer called lupus.

Selena Gomez gets tired of ‘body shaming’. (Twitter)

Selena Gomez He got fed up with the negative comments he receives daily and made it clear on his social networks. The American actress came out to clarify the reason for her constant physical changes and to encourage those who are going through the same thing. Because of her lupus, the actress said: “I tend to retain fluids and this happens regularly.” She then added that later when this passes, she loses weight and everything returns to normal.

I tend to retain liquids and this happens regularly

On the other hand, she clarified that the bullying she suffers due to the changes in her body, whether due to an illness or not, does not have to interest anyone but herself and that people have to start looking at their own issues. “I used to think she was beautiful” or “My God, what happened to her?” Are some of the comments that usually appear on social networks talking about Selena Gomez and his appearances with some change in his face, for example.

In the midst of trouble, he said goodbye

After so many problems with his body, having been involved in a supposed fight with Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez He decided to announce that he is already thirty years old for this type of absurd inconvenience and that he prefers to close his social networks for a while. The first account where she made this decision was TikTok.

Selena Gomez He left the networks because of Jenner and Hailey Bieber. (Twitter)

Instagram currently has Selena Gomez in their ranks for now. It is the place where she has more than 387 million followers and thanks to them she just surpassed Jenner and once again became the queen of this Meta social network. Time will bring her closer to the video platform as she herself confessed, being the reunion sooner rather than later.

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