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The new controversy in which it has been involved hailey bieberalong with Kylie Jenner, at the expense of Selena Gomez continues to bring consequences to the wife of singer Justin Bieber, who in addition to receiving an avalanche of criticism in cyberspace He has been losing thousands of followers on his social networks, and several of them are celebrities from the entertainment industry.

The plot of this new controversy began when Selena posted a video on TikTok where he affirmed that he had an accident with his laminated eyebrows -a technique used to lift and smooth them with the help of chemical solutions-, since he recounts that he combed them too much and the result was not what he expected, but he took it with humor -although before everything generated has been removed.

Shortly after, Kylie posted a story alongside Hailey showing off her eyebrows with the caption “It was an accident?”, which made netizens angry, who accused them of harassing Selena and immediately began to lose followers. Even the US media report that the youngest of the clan kardashians he lost about a million followers.


The rivalry between both celebs began in 2018 when Justin Bieber and the model got married, just six months after the Canadian and the actress separated after years of romance.

Even the fans of both singers point out that while Selena and Justin were together, Hailey was a fan of her current husband and kept tweeting about them, as if she was obsessed with that relationship.

Regarding the latest controversy that arose where Kylie Jenner is involved, both Gomez and the socialite have tried to distort any confrontation. The Karsashian has explained that it had only been a misunderstanding on the part of network users. Even Selena herself asserted:In accordance with Kylie Jenner. Everything is unnecessary. I’m a Kylie fan!”.

Despite these explanations, the concrete thing is that the artist has managed to unseat her as the woman with the most followers on Instagram and also, He was seen liking comments calling Hailey and Kylie “aggressive”.


Apparently the fans of Selena Gomez have not been the only ones who have shown their support for the 30-year-old actress, Also several celebrities, as it was detected that they stopped following Justin Bieber’s wife.

Among them is Miley Cyrus, who after the conflict with Hailey stopped following her. Even though both Selena and miley they dated Nick JonasThey have always been treated with respect and consideration.

It is also said that stars like Jennifer Lopez, Harry Styles, Lili Reinhartor the same Rihanna stopped following Hailey Bieber, although the star of the last Super Bowl There is no absolute certainty since he had announced that he would be moving away from social networks for a while.

Hailey with Justin Bieber (Photo: evanpaterakis / Instagram)

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