Selena Gomez wears short skittle nails, the favorite of spring

Selena Gomez has given us an important fashion lesson by using the short nails known as skittle; one of the darling trends of this season, so take note of this idea that you can recreate at home in just a few minutes. You will love how colorful they are!

When we thought that having a impact manicure was an impossible task, recently the beautiful singer showed us that the colored nail polish flashy they will be the favorites of 2023. The best thing is that they will give you a much more fun Instantly.

Selena Gomez models colored acrylic nails that rejuvenate the hands

Through her Instagram account, the celebrity shared a photo in which she modeled each nail of different colors. On this occasion the green, yellow, pink and blue took center stage in his hands, a looks ideal to see you authentic with all your relaxed outfits.

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Selena Gomez models colored acrylic nails that rejuvenate the hands. Photo: I.G.

How to do the short nails that Selena Gomez uses at home?


  • enamels of your favorite colors.
  • Nail file.


  • file your nails to give one manicure style structure.
  • apply nail polish of colors on each finger.
  • Finally, a transparent layer and ready!

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