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Lola Bunny He is one of the fixed characters in Looney Tunes. He became popular in 1996, after his appearance in the first Space Jam movie, with Michael Jordan as the main character, and since then we have learned that he has in love with the most famous cartoon rabbit, Bugs Bunny.

Her basketball skills and curves immediately hooked Bugs. So much so that he forgot to play pranks on Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck or Sam Whiskers. He was a fundamental piece in ‘The Game of the Century’ and returned for the second installment of this film, with LeBron James, in the voice of Zendaya.

The cosplayers took advantage of this character and replicated it on their different social networks. But everyone was surprised when she saw her played by a famous Argentine rapper.

Joaquinha Lerenasinger born in the city of Mar del Plata, better known as the joaquishe changed into her shorts and Looney Tunes jersey to be ready if they need her on the court.

The cosplay sparked more than 500,000 likes and a huge amount of comments from fans who enjoy her music and admire her statuesque figure. This Lola Bunny is a bit more rebellious, as she is adorned with dozens of tattoos.

In fact, La Joaqui adds in her Instagram post an illustration of the animated character of Lola Bunny with a lot of tattoos, among which one of Bugs Bunny stands out, meaning that she, obviously, is also in love with the rabbit.

La Joaqui is known for songs like ‘Dos Besitos’, ‘Batukera’ or ‘Muñecas’. Now, her fans are hoping that she will continue on the cosplay scene, where there is a whole new universe of fans that will surely follow her.

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