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A few days ago, La Voz de Maipú received a complaint from a group of parents at the Lo Errázuriz school, who were concerned about the notification of two suspected cases of scabies, after which they accused the management of the institution of not providing timely information. regarding the situation.

Two days after the news had already spread to various WhatsApp groups, The official statement has just been released. However, those who realized this scenario, the adults were not satisfied, mainly because the sanitization process was not carried out, while other boys and girls were encouraged to continue attending classes.

case of scabies in Maipu school
scabies | Reference image.

They also stated that the mother of the victims had been warned of the possibility of scabies at least a week before it became known, something school officials had always ruled out.

“The only information one of them had was from the father, who verbally informed her that one of the children was not attending school due to an allergy he had and that he would notify management, which did not happen, as noted, management was informed on August 29, in connection with which the health authorities were notified, and on August 30 in the morning hours a message was published and sent to the educational community.– clarified La Voza in the institution, assuring that on Saturday, the 2nd, sanitation will be carried out with the involvement of a third-party company.

This Monday, Seremi de Salud finally visited the relevant educational institutions to check both the health situation and the protocols applied for possible cases of scabies, and both things were qualified as “adequate”.

Along with the fact that currently “Neither of the two students needed hospitalization as they were prescribed pharmacological treatment” and that no more cases were presented, the school authorities said in a new circular, in which Seremi determined: that necessary sanitary supplies, cleaners and disinfectants are properly labeled and that they are strongly encouraged to continue natural ventilation at all detailed in the following document.

After this update, the representatives confirmed that the sanitization of the premises had taken place last Saturday as announced and said they were calmer after the visit. Seremi’s Health.

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