Sergio Ramos arrives in Seville and reveals his reasons for returning to the Andalusian club

Defender Sergio Ramos Upon arrival in the Andalusian capital, he announced that he was returning to the Andalusian club to pay off the “debt” he had. with father, with grandfather“With sevillismand with “disappeared Anthony Gate“.

“I’m worried, yes, this is a special day, you always have to go home. Now we need to take tests. I’ve been waiting for this for months, but happy to be back and join as soon as possible. We will have time. hold a press conference and a presentation,” the Spanish defender began.

“I wanted to go home and there was no point in going anywhere else without going through here, it was a duty to my father, my grandfather, Sevilla and Puerta, with many things that meant a lot and I think it was time,” Ramos concluded to reporters immediately after landing.

The signing of the 37-year-old international defender will become official once he passes a medical, although the player is already taking it for granted to return to the club he left in 2005 and was “ready to join the squad”. dynamic with comrades.”

Sergio Ramos turning down a lucrative offer Arabic Al-Ittihad In order to fulfill his desire to retire in Seville, he was ironic about the “little time” he had to wait for the Andalusian company to formalize his proposal, already outside the market window, in connection with which he is “happy and excited” about this result. .

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