Sergio Ramos option is still alive

Sevilla closed the transfer market last night with eleven losses and eight transfers, the last two being Soumare and Mariano.

The team has 24 registered chips left, including the Januzaj chip, which is expected to be released in the coming days to the Turkish or Arabic market.

So the club can still bring in a free player as the market close does not affect this type of operation.

On everyone’s mind is the option of strengthening the center of defense and the figure of Sergio Ramos as the main candidate.

Even though this possibility was rejected from the start, a gradual change in opinion among the fans these days could change the decision of the leaders, there were rumors that this could be announced after the game with Atlético Madrid. taking advantage of the break to calm down before the next game.

The terms of his signing at the moment would be ideal: free, low cost, top dressing room and a spot as a young player on the Champions League roster.

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Everything happens due to what the club decides…

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