Series that are good business (XXI): ‘Détox’, the technological fast

what would i do a tech fast for a month? That is what the miniseries that we will discuss below is about: detox (2022).

We could rather talk about microseriesand it is that its total duration does not exceed a movie of the self-satisfied very-long-runners of Scorsese either Christopher Nolan.

The main idea behind it is that of personal purification. A cure for excessive use and exposure to social networks. all of it in a comic keysomewhat following the famous format sitcom. The adventures of a peculiar family are lived. Come on, nothing to do with technological dramas and tragedies of the style of Her. Two cousins ​​who live together, Manon (Manon Azem) and Leah (Tiphaine Daviot), surrounded by friends, family and crazy situations all the time.

An initial idea that is quite reminiscent of the movie hipster of disconnectedwith two young people from the environment millennial with techno-dependency problems.

So one must digital detox to end that addiction and its derived problems. Didactic and parodic to ridicule the excessive attachment to mobile phones and hyperconnectivity. the fascination How we as users feel about the amazing apps on our devices can be completely understandable.

Let’s not forget how they hallucinated Emma Roberts either Dave Franco in the game of reality online of nerve (ariel schulman, 2016). Or what was happening with augmented reality games, the next technological evolution, of Ready One Player (Steven Spielberg, 2018). Pure adrenaline and fun. Of a powerful addictive nature.

The problem becomes very evident when our protagonist in question (Manon) looks victimized by social networks. A humiliation that represents a slab for his reputation as an artist of hip hop. All very comical as we mentioned, without any dramatic patina like the one shown by the Dutch substitute for Eminem in Forever Rich.

The two protagonists in ‘Détox’ wandering offline

The other cousin (Léa) for her part, is something like a most jealous ex, rather compulsive. Unable to accept her breakup with her ex-boyfriend. The monitoring/tracing that it does on networks using computer hacking is tremendous. Interesting issue that we already observed in CU Soon or with the father cyber courage of searching. The huge amount of data circulating on the networkwithin the reach of any savvy Internet user.

Therefore, a cyber bully and a network obsessive who are forced to follow a month-long technological fasting therapy, including a most original and fun detox camp. We already know that marketing always seeks to label us for the good and for the bad. Everyone and everything is profiled in order to classify us better.

Hence it shows some cartoonish profiles of cyberbullying, intense youtuber, professional punctuator-qualifier, singer product of the Internet… Fakers of the social and media like the Andrew Garfield of Popular (Mainstream). However, from a burlesque point of view. Without falling into absurd humor either and much easier as that of the geek technological (geeky) of Adam DeVine in jexi. Another techno-dependent and slave in full submission to his virtual assistant.

In any case, both in the aforementioned movies and in this miniseries, what the characters need is free yourself from the ills of technology. Therefore, it shows in a satirical, burlesque and ridiculously real way to what extent we are hooked. Young students, middle-aged people and any social status. It is something natural to our essence in this 21st century.

However, it is not possible to dramatize excessively since we will surely find many more pros than cons. There is no doubt about it. And very much in spite of the tragic pernicious effects such as those shown by some stories such as the gentiles or the recent series of Privacy, with personal growth and the traces left by bullying and toxicity in networks. It is true that it is not unusual to meet trolls such as hatersor followers of the cancellation culture as in Arthur Rambo.

Fortunately, the proposal is relatively as interesting as some of the more dramatic cases cited. Without expecting hilarious humor, it is very entertaining. The world of social networks ends up being bizarre as life itself. It is one more reflection of today’s society.

A good ‘wifi moment’ wherever and whenever

Let us remember that even animated films, supposedly aimed at children and adolescents, moralize about the virtues of technology but always promoting a rational and moderate use. Being convenient not to neglect the humanistic values ​​of social relationships and family.

It is precisely what this miniseries intends, to be sarcastic and critical. That is, teach us that a lot of technology and few human relations it is a most unreal and superfluous life. It is not about publishing content and more content, without essence. Goodbye to so much plate or moments’instagrammables’less post and post videos of whatever.

A powerful idea in Léa and Manon is actually the ability to personal reinvention, as there is in other characters. Far beyond their more or less voluntary deprivation of technology…

As a result, they discover that there’s a whole analog world out there too, without (so much) mobile, in which to forge new friendships, enjoy reading, new experiences,… «The Wikistreet». Of course, despite the fact that being obsessed with the mobile is counterproductive, it will always be better not to miss out on the infinite advantages of technology and not have to be like in the 90s with the hit of a phone booth. Nor travel through the world with all the uncertainty that Goddess Fortune did not do her thing…

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