Serious news about Spider-Verse 2

What happened to Spider-Verse 2? The latest news about the animated sequel is not positive for all fans.

We have serious news about Spider-Verse 2. In the latest issue of Empire Magazine, the stars of the animated Spider-Man sequel, Oscar Isaac (Spider-Man 2099/Michael O’Hara) and Hailee Steinfeld (Spider-Gwen/Gwen Stacy), discussed some of the breaking changes in the sequel to Spider-Man: A New Universe. Last-minute changes are not usually positive in the cinema. However, it will be necessary to trust that they have been implemented to considerably improve the film.

“Yeah, there were quite a few last-minute changes to Spider-Verse 2,” Oscar Isaac noted. “However, it helps that many of these characters are wearing masks. So you can keep changing the lines of dialogue until the last second. For something as seemingly rigid as animation, the amount of experimentation we were able to do on this film was really fun. Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s way of working is a beautiful combination of pathos and humor. But also mockery and being willing to try anything.

It has been a great experience for the actors

MCU's Tom Holland in Spider-Verse 2
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“You have a great time,” added Hailee Steinfeld of the Spider-Verse 2 experience. “Watching Lord and Miller do their thing is a spectacle in itself. It’s amazing to see how they come up with things in the moment, making them funnier, more emotional, more grounded. You walk into a recording session and you’re like, ‘This movie is coming out in a couple of weeks, guys. What are we doing here?’ But every time you go out, you feel like an improvement has been made. They are very perfectionists. I really admire that.”

In particular, a recent rumor from industry insider Jeff Sneider indicates that last-minute changes talked about here could mean a Tom Holland cameo, Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man, in Spider-Verse 2. However, these are just rumors. Tom Holland has not been officially confirmed to be in the film. He will have to see it to find out for sure.

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