Shakespeare’s wife and actress

He August 6 marked in red on the calendar conspiracy theories. It was the date of the first execution in the electric chair in history and the date of the drop of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. This summer is also celebrated400 years since the death of Anne Hathawaywho was Shakespeare’s only wife, the mother of his three children, and who, according to some, reincarnated as the New York actress of the same name.

Such madness would have no consequences were it not for the fact that, in fact, the lives of both women are bizarrely intertwined. Anne Hathaway was born in Brooklyn in November 1982, that is, on the fourth centenary of the marriage of a couple from Stratford-upon-Avon (a girl from the Diocese of Worcester married in 1582). Her mother, theater actress Kate McCauley, insisted on being named Ann, after her lover Shakespeare, whom she married at the age of 26, in her third month of pregnancy (he was 18).

Classical bardolopathy describes her as an illiterate peasant girl who was left to fend for herself by a playwright in order to succeed in London theatres, and to whom she barely bequeathed her “second best bed” in her will. It is unclear whether out of contempt or by mutual agreement to meet the needs of their daughters, as required by Elizabethan custom. Whatever, his relationship with the mysterious Hathaway has been the subject of unexpected reimaginings..

According to some studies, it is enough to read between the lines to make sure that the love that Ann and William recognized (eight years younger than her) was true. Thus, catharsishate away” (“Out, hatred”), with which Sonnet 145 begins, would submit to a phonetic game in deference to his faithful comrade, who would help him mourn the death of his son Hamnet (at 11 years old, it seems, tuberculosis) and put all this pain on paper .

Four years later Shakespeare finished writing Hamlets, his masterpiece, in which the young prince of Denmark listens to his late father’s ghostly warnings on the castle wall of Elsinore. In the last verse of the sonnet mentioned, Shakespeare vigorously bids farewell toand saved my life(“And he saved my life”), which could very well contain another coded message addressed to the love of his life: “Anna saved my life“, that is, “Ann saved me”.

The similarities between Adam Shulman and William Shakespeare, as well as the similarities of the two Anne Hathaways.

This hypothesis was shared and protected on social media about the good relationship of American actress Anne Hathaway with her husband Adam Shulmanalso an actor. Both will also keep more than a reasonable resemblance to their intersecular counterparts from Warwickshire. The elegant pallor and classic look of the protagonist of Les Misérables fit perfectly into the 17th century ideal of female beauty.

Shulman, for his part, shares the same features of the famous Cobb Portrait Shakespearean, the only one, according to experts, made during his lifetime, already at the age of forty, back in 1610, and about which, in the absence of a signature certifying the authorship of the canvas, it is only known that it could belong to Count Henry Wriothesley, the one who was his patron. The slit face, the pointed chin, the goatee, the small alert eyes, and even the shape of the lips. Everything seems to match.

Ann Hataway contemporary was raised in Catholicism and even came to express my desire to become a nun. He changed his plans at the age of 15, after interpreting Lady Anne’s monologue in Richard III. Since then, he has appeared in several editions. Shakespeare Festival which is held every summer in Central Park, where in 1890 the pharmacist Eugene Schiffelin released all the birds mentioned in the works of the bard.

In accordance with Conspiracy theory #hathawayreborn, Anne and William would have reincarnated as an acting couple only to catch up at their country mansion in Westport. Nonsense only possible in the sci-fi settings of films like Interstellar, where the actress proclaims, “Love is the only thing we can perceive that transcends the dimensions of time and space.”


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