Shakira and her kids Milan and Sasha met Camila Cabello at Premios Juventud and here’s how they reacted online

The 20th took place a few days ago. delivery of Premios Juventud, where many stars of Latin American entertainment met with the Colosseum of José Miguel Agrelot in Puerto Rico. There Shakira and Camila Cabellothey met again during a recent awards show because both will be honored during the ceremony in the Agents of Change category.

In addition to the awards, they spent time together, and social networks did not stop mocking Shakira even for the fact that she “turned to see Camille.”

Shakira attended the awards ceremony with her two children, little Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8. Although it was a night event, the kids were active and excited throughout the evening, especially when they met Camilla Cabello.

The meeting between the two stars was very cordial, Camila greeted each other like old friends, and Cabello approached the children, with whom she spoke for a while.

They were first seen together last Paris Fashion Week, where they attended several shows together after meeting on the Viktor & Rolf runway, and all indications are that their friendship continues to deepen.

But she wasn’t the only celebrity to share with Barranquillera, as her Colombian counterpart Paola Jara also attended the ceremony and even took a photo together.

This led to netizens saying that Paola Hara She literally had the best day of her life while Shakira is being ridiculed for taking pictures with the former Fifth Harmony.

Shakira is being ridiculed for taking photos and interacting with Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is not very liked on the net, and this was more than demonstrated by the comments that Shakira received thanks to her.

“Is this Camila Cabello – Shakira’s eldest daughter?”, “Shakira and a fan”, “It’s incredible how Shakira uploads photos with Camila Cabello and that one again … My girl is always so noble and modest” or “Why is Shakira messing with this racist”, fThese were some of the attacks they sent out.

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