Shakira claims to have impostor syndrome, what is it and what other celebrities have it?

  • The Colombian singer claims not to live up to the legacy she has left over the years.
  • Shakira has not been the only famous person who has believed that she has impostor syndrome.

Despite the success obtained by his songs ‘TQG’, ‘Session #53’, ‘Monotonía’ and ‘I congratulate you’, the Colombian singer, Shakiraconfessed in a recent interview that he believes he has had impostor syndrome for several years, even hinted that he has suffered from it since he began his musical career.

In his most recent interview, with Enrique Acevedo for N+, The singer explained that this mental problem has been the cause of her seeking to get ahead with her music and create successful songs, to prove to herself that she is as talented as everyone says she is.

“I suffer slightly from impostor syndrome, I still don’t believe it, I still don’t believe that I am as capable as they say I am or as clever or as creative or as intelligentso talented, so maybe that little pathology keeps me there motivated, wanting to discover who I am and what I can give,” Shakira mentioned.

However, that is not all, as she also considers that this condition has caused her some insecurity with herself. “I have always been very restless and I owe a debt to myself, I constantly want to check if I really have or have that talent left”.

What is impostor syndrome and what factors influence it?

The impostor syndrome is considered by many experts a mental disorder, although officially in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) it is not considered one. C.consists of the feeling of never measuring up or being good enoughfor what they consider or feel like a fraud.

Affective problems or with a depressive tendency, with generalized anxiety disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are some of the factors that influence the development of the syndrome that has different levels and appears temporarily.

According to Dr. Valerie Young, an expert in imposter syndrome cases, people who have been exposed to comparisons between relatives, during childhood, as well as those who seek to match certain stereotypes or have an extremely high perception of their capabilities, They tend to feel like impostors.

What other artists have felt they have imposter syndrome?

Daniel Martinex-vocalist of El Canto del Loco, Michelle Obama, Meryl Streep, Emma Watson and Natalie Portman, There have been some other celebrities who have confessed to feeling like a fraud at times in their careers.

“At some point, are people going to realize that I am a total fraud? I don’t deserve anything I’ve achieved in recent years,” the protagonist of the Harry Potter saga, Emma Watson, once said.

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