Shakira claims to have Impostor Syndrome

Have you ever felt that you don’t deserve your achievements or that they are just a matter of luck? Batteries, because that could be one of the main symptoms of ‘impostor syndrome’, what? This is a psychological phenomenon in which people basically feel like a fraud, mainly in their work life, but it can also affect other areas of life.

This syndrome was discovered in 1978 by psychologists Pauline Clancey and Suzanne Imes, after doing a study with a group of 150 professional women, who believed that their careers were overrated.

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And it is that the impostor syndrome can affect all people, but it has been the female population who has made it most visible, not in vain has been talking about the issue after Shakira confessed to suffering from it.


One of the most influential Latina women in the world is Jénnifer López. The actress, singer and businesswoman has had a long and successful career, making her known all over the world. She is even one of the most followed women on social networks, only on her Instagram account is followed by more than 260 million people.

However, it seems that the more success, the more likely it is that this ‘ghost’ appears, which is why JLo has publicly accepted that she has been affected by the impostor syndrome. For example, despite having made more than 25 movies, she still feels that she is not part of Hollywood.

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In the most recent interview that the Colombian singer gave to the Mexican outlet NMás, she was asked if she has moments when she looks back and recognizes everything she has achieved in her career, but curiously she replied that it is something that is difficult for her. :

“I like to think about what is missing from my career, because I suffer a little from what they say, impostor syndrome, I suffer slightly. I still don’t believe it, I still don’t believe that I am as capable as they say I am or as skillful, intelligent, creative or as talented,” said the Barranquilla woman.

And that is said by a woman who, in addition to all the prizes she has won, is a polyglot (she is fluent in English, Portuguese, Italian, French and Catalan, as well as Spanish), graduated in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania and according to the Forbes magazine is the Latin artist who has sold the most records in history.

Michelle Obama

Although she has been among the 10 most important lawyers in the United States, she is a writer, an administrator and after being first lady of her country she became one of the most influential women, she has recognized that there is a kind of “demon” that appears when has a new challenge.

For this reason, when they questioned him why he did not aspire to the Presidency of the United States, he revealed that he suffers from impostor syndrome. “Impostor syndrome is very hard.

Girls and women have been hearing for so long that our site is not where big decisions are made that, when we manage to reach those sites, we do not stop questioning ourselves over and over again, “said the former first lady in an interview with Vogue.

Tips for Coping with Impostor Syndrome

The first thing is to recognize it. Some people are not even aware of having it, but if you repeatedly feel that you are not capable of facing a challenge or when you do, you think it is a matter of luck, it is important to consider the possibility.

If you are thinking that you may suffer from it or have already identified it, be sure to discuss it with a psychology professional, because there are cases in which it can progress, to the point of causing anxiety or frustrating goals and projects.

In these cases, making a list of your achievements is very favorable, because writing can help your mind to measure the merit of your victories, so take a pen and paper.

The external look in these cases can be helpful, because it is more objective than the way in which we judge ourselves. For example, you can talk about it with a trusted person.

To silence that internal voice that sabotages us, it is also important to throw flowers at ourselves. For example, if you managed to do something that was hard for you, you can proudly tell it publicly, because surely the comments you will receive will be motivating.

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