Shakira confesses her eldest son’s reaction to seeing her video clip with Bizarrap

Shakira has given his first interview to the Mexican program ‘O’clock‘, of the chain N+. The Colombian singer has appeared in the interview, recorded days before in Barcelona, ​​with a very serious face, nothing to do with how she had us used to before.

The journalist conducting the interview was the well-known Mexican presenter, Enrique Acevedo. The interview was broadcast in Mexico at 10:30 p.m., which in Spain was 5:30 this morning.

Enrique Acevedo


In the conversation they had been talking about Shakira not having a closed audience, but that the Colombian’s music does not understand age. Her children are the biggest fans of her mother. “They have a fairly active participation in my careerBecause they have good ideas. They have a lot of criteria, opinions, I always listen to them, they always have something to say, “she began by explaining the one from Barranquilla.

“In the ‘Te Felicito’ video, you had the idea of ​​the robot, didn’t you?” Enrique asked. “Yes, in the video for ‘Te Felicito’, Sashathe youngest, had the idea of ​​the robot and Milan had the idea of ​​the green fire,” added the mother of these children.

Shakira, in ‘On Point’


The graphic art for ‘Monotony’ was made by Sasha on her Ipad. I hadn’t liked what the designers at Sony had sent me. And I said to Sasha: ‘What do you think?’ And she told me: ‘No mommy, I’ll do it to you‘. And he picked up and put on his Ipad. When she had it, she sent it to me and I sent it to the people at Sony,” the Colombian shared in the interview.

“I always believe that children have a special sensitivity and I listen to them. Session #53 with Biza is the result of a suggestion from Milan. Milan told me: ‘Mommy, you have to do something with Bizarrap, who is the Argentine God‘. And I tell him: ‘Look Milan, look who wrote me.’ And it was Bizarrap. I remember that I have recorded an audio from Milan, which he sent to my manager, in which he said: ‘Jamy you have to make my mom please sing with Bizarrap’“Shakira said with a smile on her face.

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“He was the one who introduced me to the music of Bizarrap, that’s the good thing about having little children,” the Colombian said with a laugh. “Also, when we were editing the video he comes up and says: ‘Mom, you’re a little far from the mic there, huh. You have to fix this, this and that‘. She has a critical eye like her mother. In that sense he is very much alike in form.”

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