Shakira found her doppelgänger on Tik Tok and approved of it

The iconic Colombian singer Shakira explored the world of music. tik tak impressively by sharing with his followers some of the most interesting choreographies related to his new song “Copa Vacía”. Not too long ago, he surprised his fans with a snippet of his song with Manuel Turizo, causing a trend on social media. However, the most surprising thing happened when Shakira herself shared the story on her Instagram and TikTok profile on Tuesday.

In history, Shakira featuring a woman named Laure Dalo who put on “Empty Cup”. What surprised everyone, including Shakira herself, was the incredible resemblance between the singer and Laura Dalo. Shakira couldn’t help but express surprise as she wrote, “I have a doppelgänger.”

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Laure Dalo, for his part, had already caught the similarity and went further, recreating one of the images of his own Shakira in the music video for the song “TQG”, on which she collaborated with Karol G. In her Instagram photos, Lore wears a metallic blue sweater, orange-yellow hair in a high ponytail, and blue eyeliner. mimicking the artist’s iconic style. His Instagram post is accompanied by the hashtag #FBF and shows the admiration he has for Shakira.

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The resemblance between the two women is so impressive that followers in tik tak de Lore couldn’t help but comment, filling his post with surprised and flattering comments. Shakira, having learned about the resemblance, could not help but share this curious coincidence with her audience, once again demonstrating her closeness to her fans and her sense of humor.

Until Laura Dalo publicly reacted to the fact that Shakira noticed the similarities between them, but, of course, this unexpected confession of a famous singer should have been an exciting surprise.

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