Shakira loves herself after breaking up with Gerard Piqué

Mexico.- After the scandalous separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué, the Colombian singer at last he opened his heart and confessed how painful it has been to live through this entire process.

After the premiere of the song where the star collaborates with Carol G, ‘TQG’, Shakira was interviewed on Televisa’s nightly news, ‘En Punto con Enrique Acevedo’, where she spoke about her pain and the relationship of Gerard Piqué with the woman who was unfaithful, Clara Chia.

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It was at that moment that the celebrity revealed that she was one of those people who was “emotionally dependent” on another, noting that her dream was always to have family stability.

“Not all dreams in life come true, but life finds a way to compensate you, somehow, and I believe that life has done so with these wonderful children who fill me with love every day,” he said.

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Likewise, the Barranquilla woman also said that has learned to appreciate and to become stronger for his children, Sasha and Milan.

“There are things in life that do not go the way you want, dreams that are broken and you have to pick up the pieces from the ground and rebuild yourself and also be an example for my children that you can survive.”

But that was not all, but the singer emphasized that the lyrics of her songs have helped her face all the pain that Gerard Piqué caused her, since she considers that the melodies have been like a “therapy‘ for her after the ex-soccer player’s infidelity.

“It was a great necessary outlet, also for my own healing, for my own recovery process. I think I’d be in a much different place if I didn’t have that song. The possibility of expressing myself, of thinking about the pain, ”she pointed out.

Shakira did not limit herself and expressed that last year was one of the hardest that she has had to go through throughout her life because of all the controversy that surrounded her for her breakup.

“It’s strange and cruel how life has to use these badass moments to develop emotional muscles that you didn’t know you had.”

Finally, she expressed: “Now I have more confidence in myself. The difficult thing for the human being, when he has to face unexpected situations, is that we do not know how we are going to react. We do not believe in our own resilience and I did not know that I could become strong, I always believed that I was fragile, but you have to have faith in yourself”.

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