Shakira seeks to move her father from Barcelona to Miami, where he will undergo a delicate surgery

Shakira wants his father william mbarak be treated by doctors in the United States. After their breakup Gerard Piqué, Colombian singer plans to move from Barcelona, ​​where she has lived for the past eight years, to Miami, as soon as April 1. According to reports, Shakira would be looking for a medicalized plane or air ambulance to transport her 91-year-old father to Florida, where he would undergo a delicate operation.

In early February, Shakira’s father was to undergo neurological surgery, but it was canceled at the last minute by his team of doctors in Spain. The interpreter of the duet “TQG” with Carol G. would be suffering from this health crisis of her father, said “solvent sources from the singer’s intimate circle,” reported Silvia Taulés from vanity.

Shakira has called her father her “hero” and has been close to him when he was hospitalized. “Happy birthday to the hero of my life! Daddy, you’ve had COVID, two falls and two operations. This year has been a lot and you’re still 91 years old, teaching me resilience and love without limits every day,” the singer wrote in Instagram, celebrating the writer of Lebanese origin.

It is reported that Shakira wants to take advantage of the Easter school holidays so that her children Sasha and Milan start their course at a new school in Miami, where they would have a mansion in Miami Beach as their residence. Her rush to move to Florida would also be related to the health of her father, who requires this operation to recover.


Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images Shakira and William Mebarak in Chadid 2013, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Taulés said that William Mebarak’s doctors supposedly did not dare to operate on him in Spain “for fear that Mebarak’s fragile health would not withstand something so aggressive.”

His doctors in Barcelona “are not too happy” with William entering the operating room, but his “family has decided to take the risks of making such a long trip and try their luck,” said the Spanish journalist. “This seems like the only solution to be able to improve Meberak’s health, something Shakira is desperately looking for,” she added.

Taulés alleges that a group of doctors in Miami would be willing to perform the delicate surgery. “United to her father like few people in the world, the singer cannot accept that her father suffers,” he said about Shakira, who supposedly would travel to Miami a few weeks before her parents to fix the house where they will live and put an elevator in the residence, which facilitates mobility for his father.

Shakira’s parents—William and his wife, Nidia del Carmen Ripoll— would travel to Miami two weeks later, accompanied by a medical team on the flight. Then William would enter a hospital in Miami where he would be treated by doctors who have been “treating him remotely for months,” according to Taulés.

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