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Shakira remains one of the most important Latin singers, as her latest hits have once again catapulted her to the top places in the world of digital platforms. Not for nothing she has more than two decades at the top of the music industry. In her career, you can find a little-known tribute that she did live on television to Selena Quintanilla.

It is undeniable that Shakira’s present is brilliant thanks to her last four songs, with which she has achieved more than 300 million euros, despite coming from a harsh separation from Gerard Piqué with infidelity involved with Clara Chía Martí.


The Colombian put two songs in the global top 5 on Spotify and in her plans is a new song with Manuel Turizo called ‘Copa vacía’, which has the prospect of being another hit.

Since Piqué’s infidelity to Shakira was revealed, the interpreter of ‘I congratulate you’ chose to move with her children to her mansion in Miami. However, she would have backed down for a sensitive reason.

And it is that his father’s failing health has now been added to his mother’s complications, in addition to the fact that the residence still does not have the spare parts that she requested, something that would lead her to sell it.


On the other hand, the video of a tribute that Shakira made to Selena Quintanilla on the Mexican television program ‘Otro rollo’, hosted by Adal Ramones and that used to have renowned guests, went viral on social networks

Shakira came to the television space several years ago and surprised the public when she decided to interpret a classic by the American Selena during a game with the driver.

The Colombian remembered Selena Quintanilla with the song ‘Amor prohibido’, one of the biggest hits of the so-called ‘Queen of Tejano music’. In that interview, Shakira had fluffy blonde hair, a green top and pants look.

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