Shakira: these are the retouching that the Colombian would have done according to the Spanish aesthetic clinic

The Colombian singer has been applauded for the naturalness of her face over the years

Shakira She is the Colombian artist who has been talked about the most in the international press for several months, since it was known that the Colombian was separating from Gerard Piqué and with musical releases that have set new world records such as ‘Music Session #53′, ‘Monotony’ and ‘TQG’. Recently, the singer also became a topic of conversation due to the alleged retouching that is done on her face.

“The best kept secret of Shakira”, this is how the statements that were given from a recognized aesthetic clinic located in Barcelona, ​​where they point out that the Colombian goes to undergo some treatments to maintain the beauty and youth of her appearance.

It should be noted that one of the things that fans of the barranquillera have highlighted the most over the years is the natural beauty of the artist, who does not notice the aesthetic procedures. However, the Spanish magazine vanity obtained the statements of a person – whose identity was not revealed – who has treated Shakira in an aesthetic clinic in Barcelona and that revealed to them that the famous is quite strict with the treatments that are carried out.

Shakira’s most recent treatment would have been a lip augmentation for the “TQG” video (TQG video screenshot)

The clinic, located at BarcelonaIt caters to many international celebrities, but according to the worker of the place when Shakira -who has already been a client for years- goes to the premises, all the workers know that they are dealing with one more person “special”. This is not due to the popularity of the singer, but because, unlike other clients, Shakira is the one who directs their procedures.

The source revealed to the entertainment magazine that the Barranquillera has a “high knowledge” on aesthetic treatments, so it tells doctors where and how much product to apply to preserve their appearance. “When you are with the needle it tells you: ‘Put me 0.2 toxin here’, and he points you to the exact point. ‘Put me 0.5 acid there’, and it tells you another exact point”, explained the person who attends to the singer.

He knows his face perfectly and directs the staff. Touch between the eyebrows, the lips, the nasolabial fold, the chin, the corner of the lips”, stressed this person.

According to the aesthetic clinic, the Colombian woman gives the indications for her treatments

That perfectionism of the interpreter of ‘Congratulations’ regarding the appearance of his face would be the reason why Shakira Her naturalness is applauded, because over the years the singer has noticed changes due to age, but always preserving her beauty. The most recent tweak, according to the source vanitywould have been done prior to the recording of the video of ‘TQG’.

The magazine noted that before meeting with Carol G. For the recording of the video clip that is currently the #1 trend on YouTube, the Colombian went to the beauty center to get a lip augmentation. Although this treatment is not new for the artist, according to the source, the latter was the most drastic because “It is not a filler, but a treatment that makes your mouth bigger and more sensual than it was before.”, reads the article.

The person who works in the aesthetic clinic pointed out that Shakira she preserves the youth of her face only through punctures and did not confirm that the singer has resorted to surgeries or more invasive treatments, as has been rumored in previous years. She added that each procedure is done “with her direct order, she leaves nothing to chance”and that in the premises they have all the security measures so that the singer and her other famous clients come and nobody finds out.

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