Shakira wears a floral mini dress and platform sneakers that are REALLY taking off for 20 years

Since his arrival in Miami, we have seen Shakira much calmer, happier and more beautiful with looks floral print mini dress and platform sneakers that REALLY take off before 20. Have you already seen her?

Shakira looked 20 years younger thanks to a floral mini dress and platform Converse.

The celebrity is not only beautiful and successful, but recently she has shown herself as an influencer in the fashion world as she has surprised us with her looks that make her look like the age of 20 to 46.

Through her TikTok account, a woman from Barranquilla shared with her followers a fun walk with young children Milan and Sasha, with whom she went to play basketball. But, even when the celebrity decided to play with her children, she did not stop looking beautiful and fashionable. He just chose a comfortable and fresh look, which also took him up to 20 years,

On this occasion S.Hakira opted for a pink flower and leaf print spaghetti strap mini dress, which she paired with platform converse, also in pastel pink, a look that instantly rejuvenates her by 20 years. In addition to the rejuvenating look, The celebrity also has a few little secrets on how to get natural collagen and look young and beautiful.

Shakira mini dress and converse
Shakira looks 20 in mini dress and Converse | Ing: @shakira

How to combine dresses with tennis, the summer trend?

One of our favorite summer trends is pairing mini dresses with tennis shoes because not only is it a lot of fun to look at, but it is also very comfortable for summer activities as tennis shoes are perfect for playing sports, walking or walking on the beach. . Here are some of our favorite options.

Black mini dresses always look classy, ​​and to look more glamorous and slim, you can wear a monochrome look with black converse and you will be ready for a first date or a family dinner. Do you like it?

mini dress and reverse look
Mini dress with black converse | pinterest

A white mini dress is always a good option to look fresh and elegant as it is a classic color that never goes out of style and looks good on women of all ages. If you want to forget about yourself for 10 years, we recommend that you pair this trendy outfit with a pair of sneakers in your chosen color.

mini dress and reverse look
Mini dress with gray converse | pinterest

Now that you know these options for wearing a mini dress with Converse or another type of t-shirt, tell us if you dare to recreate Shakira’s summer look, perfect for looking 20-40 years old.

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