Shakira would have lost the rights to her house in Barcelona: “Piqué would have taken revenge”

Shakira would have lost the rights to the house where she lives in Barcelona with her children Milan and Sasha, Spanish media reported. @BarcaUniversal

The legal dispute between Shakira and Gerard Piqué has not yet reached its end, and it is that, despite the fact that a few days ago the ex-soccer player’s lawyer, Ramon Drummer, asserted that on certain issues the ex-partner has shown “great intelligence”

This information would also confirm the version delivered by the journalists Laura Fa and Lorena Vasquez, who affirmed in their program Mamarazzis of the Spain Newspaper, that the Colombian would be looking to keep the property where the parents of the former soccer player reside.

“Let them know that we have control over the real estate company that is going to put the properties up for sale… The only partnership that Shakira and Gerard Piqué have is that they own three houses, that of the singer, that of her parents and that of Gerard Piqué’s parents.”, were the statements that the journalists delivered in the middle of their podcast.

The Colombian and the Spanish were officially divorced a few weeks ago, three properties entered into the legal dispute

Recently, the paparazzi Jordi Martin in charge of following the steps of both the Colombian and her compatriot, revealed new information about the house where the interpreter of Monotony and I congratulate you accompanied by their children Milan and Sasha. The journalist pointed out that he knows first-hand the deeds of the address in an exclusive sector of Barcelona.

This information was revealed in the program intruders in which Martin He was a guest and said that, with documents in hand, he was able to verify that the Colombian singer-songwriter is no longer part of the deeds of the luxurious home that she had in the past, Gerard Piqué and the father of the ex-soccer player

“Shakira is no longer listed, so she no longer owns the house,” he said Jordi Martin. However, at this time it is unknown if the exBaça He will ask the Colombian to promptly leave the mansion in one of the areas preferred by celebrities to live.

According to The newspaper The mansion would be the work of a prestigious architect who responds to the name of Mireia Admetller, inspired by the minimalist wave and which was founded on a plot of more than 3,800 square meters in 2012.

The property is valued by real estate experts between 12 and 14 million euros, according to the aforementioned media outlet, and consists of swimming pools, a gym, a soccer field and a paddle court, a recording studio, a playground, and a garden. Also within the majestic terrain is the house of the parents of the Colombian, William Mebarak and Nidia del Carmen Ripoll.

Shakira carries with her six suitcases in which she would carry her children’s clothes and her own, to have everything ready in January for the move. Screenshot taken from Spain’s Semana magazine.

The adaptations of his mansion in Miami began at the end of 2022, since the paparazzi They did not lose details of the changes in some areas, such as the construction of three new spaces, a library for children and a gym, are just some of the information that the Spanish press learned. At that time it was stated that Shakira I would leave Spain at the beginning of 2023, but this was not the case.

Recently, this issue has once again become a topic of conversation in different Spanish media, as happened with the Mamarazzis with the journalists Laura Fa and Lorena Vasquez, who revealed that they had access to an update on the singer’s move between this, on D-Day, when the artist definitely leaves Spain.

Based on sources close to the Colombian artist, the singer plans to move to the US city on April 1st to take advantage of the school vacations that American students have during those days, called spring break”, was the information revealed by the Mamarazzisby appointment The Newspaper of Spain.

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