Shaquille O’Neal celebrates his 51st birthday to the rhythm of Bad Bunny

In September of last year, Shaquille O’Neal confessed that he was a “serial cheater” and gave advice to Adam Levine, who was pointed out for said situation. Despite the fact that the former NBA star has caused controversy with some of her public statements, she also knows how to have fun and enjoy herself.

A few days ago, the famous Shaq reached 51 years of age, a situation that did not go unnoticed, since the native of New Jersey decided to share part of his celebration, which had the song “Tití asked me” by Bad Bunnywho a month ago was seen next to Rachel Garcia in an NBA game.

The former Lakers player shared a clip on Instagram where he is seen enjoying a yacht ride and listening to music. In the content you can see that O’Neal is accompanied by a boy, who dances to the rhythm of the Bad Rabbit. In the video, the now businessman pretends to sing, something that reflects that the famous knows how to have fun.

Shaquille O’Neal.Getty Images

After his retirement from the staves, Shaquille has found a way to remain in force on the public scene, as it is common to see him in television commercials, attending to his multiple businesses, but also attending various sports games that are not only related to basketball.

Last year, Shaq was severely criticized, after he confessed in an interview that despite the fact that he has accumulated millions of dollars, he will not leave a single dollar for his children, saying, “I am the rich one, they are not.” This statement had an impact on multiple social media users going for the jugular.

Despite his position, he said that he will support his children to have the best education so that they are able to build their own path. In addition, he did not rule out supporting them to start projects and businesses, but he made it clear that they must convince him for this to happen.

Regardless of his vision of life and the way in which he will be able to support his children or not, the former NBA star, since he became known in the sports world, has always been very charismatic, therefore, it should not surprise the fact that he recorded the video. Even in the post tagged the Puerto Rican singer.

Bad Bunny has always been an avowed fan of burst sports and the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite the fact that Shaq came to professional basketball with the Orlando Magic, he lived his best moments defending the yellow and purple colors of the California representative.

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