Sharon Stone returns in Basic Instinct (1992) thanks to a comic book.

The world of comics is once again targeting the film industry. This time in a 90s classic by Sharon Stone called Basic Instinct (1992).

Sharon Stone returns to the basic Instinct (1992) thanks to comics. Sumerian Comics has announced a collaboration with Cuban artist Vanessa R. del Rey on a new series of comics inspired by the 90s thriller directed by Paul Verhoeven. A film that has already become part of popular popular culture.

According to information released by Deadline, after Sumerian Comics acquired the film adaptation rights through Creative Licensing Corporation, we now have an announcement for a Basic Instinct comic. Comic inspired film by Paul Verhoeven with the alluring Sharon Stone.

comic series the basic Instinct with Sharon Stone They are inspired by the so-called ice pick kills in the movie. In fact, he will tell about the adventures of an anonymous artist who creates works based on famous murders. A very interesting artistic perspective that will allow the work of Vanesa R. del Rey to shine.


Apparently, on the night of the opening of the new exhibition of this fictitious artist, a security guard was killed. This is what prompts the artist to conduct an investigation that makes him wonder if he himself is involved. This is what we can expect from comics the basic Instinct!

Basic Instinct (1992), a classic from the life of Sharon Stone

The basic Instinct (1992), directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Sharon Stone, is a cult erotic thriller that has left an indelible mark on popular culture. The plot revolves around Katherine Tramell, a seductive and enigmatic crime novelist who becomes a suspect in a brutal murder.

Michael Douglas plays Nick Curran, the detective investigating the case who is irresistibly drawn to Katherine as he tries to uncover the truth. The film is distinguished by its tense moments of anticipation, provocative erotic scenes and a constant game between psychological manipulation and revelation dark secrets

Sharon Stone became famous thanks to “Basic Instinct”. the iconic leg crossing scenewho has become one of the most recognizable characters in film history. The film challenges the conventional norms of the genre and explores the interplay between lust, power and mystery.

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