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They have revealed the juiciest information about the movie Shazam 2the new installment of a character from DC Comics It will hit theaters very soon. So from now on there are SPOILERS and only the bravest should keep reading.

The movie begins some time after the first installment. Given that billy batson (Asher Angel) turns 18 and wonders about her future and whether she will still have a place in her adoptive family. He has been using his powers for good, but public opinion is divided, something we have already seen in other installments of DC Comics as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

The magician (Djimon Hounsou) returns to Shazam 2 to warn Billy to get serious about being a hero and become a true leader.

It is at this moment that the three villains who are Hewaits (Helen Mirren) Calypso (Lucy Liu) and Anthea (Rachel Zegler). They are the daughters of the Greek god Atlas, although this character does not appear in the entire film. Her mission is to steal an item to activate the staff that was used to kill her father. They also seek revenge, since a previous Shazam was the one who dealt the last blow to Atlas.

The villains kidnap Freddie Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer), which is why he befriends Rachel Zegler’s Anthea.

The true villain of Shazam 2 is revealed.

Despite the fact that throughout the promotion they have shown us Helen Mirren’s Hespera as the leader of the three daughters of Atlas. Actually the real villain is Lucy Liu’s Calypso, who is forcing the other two to follow her. She also kills her sister Hespera, when she is trying to make a truce with Shazam (Zachary Levi). This will cause a huge battle to take place in a baseball stadium.

At that moment, Billy realizes that he has to protect his family and grows up. Which causes Shazam to gain incredible powers and match up with Calypso and his dragon. Both rivals touch the staff at the same time and it is destroyed, so the good guys win, but Billy dies.

Anthea, who is the only daughter of Atlas who is alive, suggests that they take Billy’s body back to the kingdom where it came from, as it is a serene and peaceful place.

But there is a final surprise, as it arrives Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). She uses her powers to repair the staff which brings Billy back to life. So the family gets back together in a happy ending and Freddy Freeman becomes Anthea’s boyfriend.

The movie Shazam 2 It will be released on March 17, 2023. Are you excited to see it? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.

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