Sitges 2023 is on its way

The first preview of what we will see from 5 to 15 October in Sitges

Last July 20, the first projections and guests were presented, which we can see at the International Fantastic Film Festival in Catalonia.

They showed us different versions of this year’s poster, in which we see the reflection of the great film “Los p├íjaros” directed by Alfred Hitchcockbloody hands.

domestic terror

As we already knew, the opening film of the festival will be Hermana muerte, the return Paco Square home. But we will also Pablo Berger with the highly anticipated Robot Dreams, which has already made waves when it officially opens at Cannes. ‘Angry’ director to present supernatural drama ‘The Hermit’ starring belem Wheel and finally we find “wait”.

But we will also have a series in Sitges 2023 starting with the return Alex churches with the second season of “30 Coins”. We will also reveal the paranormal phenomena of the “Other Side” created by berto romero and what they send Javier Ruiz Caldera And Alberto de Toro. We will also have a presentation of “Romancero” directed by Thomas Woe.

Our French connections

From a neighboring country comes “Acid” from Just Filippo (“The Cloud”), a film in which survival anxiety stems from the environmental anxiety of a world suffering from a vengeful nature. Thomas Cayleybrings us his new proposal “Animal Kingdom” featuring Romain Duris And Adele Exarchopoulos. Bertrand Mandico brings us “Conan” and finally Sebastien Vanicek activates our arachnophobia with “Vermin” and Stepan Kastang he will stun us with the words “Vincent must die.”

other films

Sitges is also the perfect place to experience new cinema; those voices whose courage leads us to discover new ways of relating to the world. This is the case with the Malaysian “striped tigers” from Amanda Nell Yu. In Flames will arrive from Pakistan. Zarra Kahn; rapper Balozhi this will take us to the Kongo of his origin in “Omen”; Kenneth Lim Dagatan In “In a Mother’s Skin” he will combine popular horror with the barbarism of World War II in the Philippines and Bishal Datta will build bridges between the United States and India in It Lives Within.

“Late Night with the Devil” by Cameron And collin carelessness“Dream” from Jason Yu“The Riddle of Fire” by Weston Razuli, “Witchcraft” Christopher Murray“When Evil Lies” Demian Rugna or “Club Zero” Jessica Hausner This is another one of the most anticipated games.

Of course, we won’t be able to miss the next edition of Roundup: No Way Out with Ma Dong Seok, much loved at the festival. “Pamdaemonium” from Quarks‘Monolight’ by Matt Veseli“Uncle” by David Capac And Andrija Mardesic“There the devil roams” by John Adams, Zelda Adams And Toby problem“Moon Garden” Ryan Stevens Harris or “Suitable Flesh” Joe lyncha few more headers that are added to the projections.

animation and documentary

“Deep sea” Tien Xiao Peng‘Four Souls of a Coyote’ aron Gauder“Time-Lapse Shooting” Robert Morgan or “Divinity” Eddie Alcazar some examples.

In terms of non-fiction, we will have “Enter the clones of Bruce” by David Gregory“Outrage of Power” Jeremiah raccoon And Steve Cossack“J-Horror Virus” by authorship Sarah Appleton And Jasper Spicy or Kaidan. Strange Japanese Ghost Stories” Yves Montmayor.

As for the classics, we will once again turn to creativity Alex churches Happy 30th Anniversary of Mutant Action and the eternal debate about Red Brass with Caligula: Final Cut.

stellar presence

Two-time Oscar winner read poor, the mainstay of Pixar’s golden age, thanks to titles such as “Monstruos, SA” or “Coco”, will arrive in Sitges. We’ll bring in the legendary American director and editor to see him unravel the intricate intricacies of one of his life-changing obsessions, The Shining. Stanley cockpitan inexhaustible cult object, that masterpiece we thought we all knew already, but that the incredible book written by Unkrich and edited by Taschen shows that there are still countless mysteries with which one can continue to wander the corridors of the Overlook Hotel.

Mary cumbertwho has the distinction of being the first woman to direct a feature film about zombies (The Living Cemetery).

will also come Lambert bavaRoman, director, screenwriter, producer with a “demonic” pedigree. Barbara BushNosferatu Award, who will also accompany us throughout the festival.

Finally a visit Charles Groupour favorite “master puppeteer” whose extensive career in horror films will be celebrated both by the director and producer, and by the presentation of his new project “Primitives” from Dave Allen.

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