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K-pop star Lisa from Blackpink She is currently a brand ambassador for Celine and her favorite perfume is Black Tie, one of the brand’s top fragrances.

In 2020, Lisa became the first global ambassador for the fashion brand Celine, and the rapper also uses the fragrances of the perfume house, her favorite is the combination of notes of cedar, moss, vanilla, white iris oil and musk.

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A distinctive feature of this perfume is that it is unisex.

The fragrance in a 100 ml package costs 5,800 pesos, while a 200 ml bottle costs 8,600 pesos. Both presentations are sold out and not available for sale on the official Celine website.

The 10ml version is also not available, but on Celine’s official website, you can find a scent similar to the K-Pop star’s favorite.

Who is Lisa from Blackpink?

Lisa Manoban is one of the four members of the famous K-pop group Blackpink. She is a Thai singer, model and dancer who, in addition to achieving fame with a quartet, has managed to stand out as a soloist.

In addition, she assumes to be a friend of the Spaniard Rosalia, whom she met at the last Coachella festival, and during a visit to California, they went for a walk together and posted it on social networks.

Lisa auditioned for Blackpink in 2010, in the process she was chosen as a trainee dancer and starred in several music videos until a group was formed in 2016 with Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé.

In 2021, Lisa released her first solo album titled “Lalisa”, which YG Entertainment also did with four other singers, however, Lisa managed to stand out solo.

The Thai rapper is currently a fashion ambassador for Celine and is constantly seen at the brand’s fashion shows.


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